| Tim Atkins, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Sometimes the universe is speaking, but you just have to be willing to hear the message. And that message, this week, sounded like the dulcet sounds of a banjo. That’s right – the banjo.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I need to up my hobby game. I’ve got some more free time in my normal week than I used to, and I want to find a couple activities that as Kondo would say, give me joy.

| Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” —Rabindranath Tagore

One of the ways we come into balance and connection with each other and life is by giving from the heart. When we give to others, whether it’s an act of kindness, generosity, or compassion, it helps us live from the heart instead of the ego.


Dear Cedar Lane faith community,

Your Environmental Justice Ministry has updated our commitments to the Cedar Lane Green Sanctuary to be commensurate with UU green principles that address climate change. We have had some good results over the past year, and now we are asking all members to come on board and improve our overall Cedar Lane performance. Our Board of Trustees and ministers have signed on to the revised Green Sanctuary covenant.

To date:


From the Right Relations Education Team: Marion Torchia, Marilyn Emery, and Debbie Trent

| Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

I am a total disaster when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

I am really good at coming up with them- the list for personal improvement is long and spectacular (and pretty much the same every year!).

It’s just keeping them that I’m not so good at despite spurts of motivation or guilt or desperation.

On my own, I’m just not reliable. I need you-- all of you.


Just one and a half weeks into having Rosa as our Sanctuary guest, and the Sanctuary Leadership Team is grateful for how fast and fully our congregation has stepped into volunteer roles. From Dec 23 - Jan 6 we especially are short of and have urgent need for additional daytime and overnight companion volunteers in shifts to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their holiday plans and still ensure Rosa has full support.  If you have not taken on a role as a companion to Rosa as yet, please sign up in the Lounge after...