Board Committees

Development Committee: Regina Dull, chair

Established by the Board of Trustees in July 2015, the Development Committee was created to assess the full range of Cedar Lane’s development efforts and to lead the congregation in coordinated, focused fundraising efforts beyond current practices, to ensure that Cedar Lane has a long and meaningful future. In order to best understand how Cedar Lane might grow its development and fundraising efforts, and strive toward meeting the goals of our mission and vision, our new committee spent much of our first year seeking to understand our community’s current roles, responsibilities, participants, processes, and practices related to fundraising. 

Endowment Committee: Betty May Cleary, chair

The committee manages the church’s endowment, the Blumenthal Fund, and the savings account. The committee’s objective is to invest the church’s funds prudently for long-term growth. 

Financial Policy Committee: Jack Welch, chair

The committee worked earlier this fiscal year on setting up the financial review with an accounting firm. We worked on setting up a program budget, which was used by the Stewardship Team. Led by John Wing and the Facilities Team, we worked on capital funding plan, which looked at the sources and uses of capital funds for 2016-2023.

Governance Committee: Jim Kelley, chair

The Governance Committee supports the Board of Trustees in defining/refining issues of governance and transitioning/evaluating the change to Governance by Policy. A subcommittee was appointed in March 2016 and has begun work on Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws revisions. The subcommittee and full committee are making sure the Articles/Bylaws/Charters are accurate, consistent, and relevant. The committee continued to help clarify distinctions among Board, ministerial, and hybrid committees and task forces. It is finishing work on a Conflicts of Interest Policy. A Covenant of Right Relations will be completed in late fall 2016 after a proposed congregational workshop in September 2016.

Human Resources: Jack Welch, chair

The Human Resources Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and staff. During the past year the committee reviewed and updated the Personnel Manual, advised staff regarding changes in benefits, and revised position descriptions for the Senior Minister, Interim Minister, and Church Administrator.

Mosaic Makers: Ariel Mora, chair

Cedar Lane Mosaic Makers is a standing committee of the Board, with the mission to lead the congregation in developing and living out an intentionally multicultural religious identity in all aspects of congregational life. Mosaic Makers focuses on strategic planning and works closely with the Board and the Ministry teams, including the social justice “Together” group, who will implement many of its recommendations. Chair: Ariel Mora,