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Lifespan Faith Development

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At Cedar Lane we grow in our understanding of spiritual development at all life stages. Parents come to Cedar Lane from many different faith upbringings, knowing the importance of being part of a community where deeds are more important than creeds, where each and every person is valued no matter who they love, or where they are from. We  welcome multiracial and multifaith families. Older adults and empty nesters are engaged throughout the Cedar Lane community, participating in educational programs, social justice projects, and a range of activities that range from pancake suppers to field trips to coffee houses and interfaith explorations. Cedar Lane offers a curriculum-based pre-K through Grade 12 program for children and adult education classes for members and inquiring friends. The seven Unitarian Universalist principles and the sources of our faith are the

Cedar Lane offers a curriculum-based pre-K through Grade 12 program for children and adult education classes for members and inquiring friends. The seven Unitarian Universalist principles and the sources of our faith are the foundation of student learning.

The seven principles are:

  • Respect others.
  • Offer fair and kind treatment to all.
  • Yearn to learn throughout life.
  • Grow by exploring ideas and values together.
  • Believe in our ideas and act on them.
  • Insist on peace, freedom and justice for all.
  • Value our interdependence with nature.

The sources of our beliefs are:

  • The sense of wonder we all share.
  • The men and women of long ago and today whose lives remind us to be kind and fair.
  • The ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world’s religions.
  • Jewish and Christian teachings which tell us to love all others as we love ourselves.
  • The use of reason and the discoveries of science.
  • The harmony of nature and the sacred circle of life.

Together we create a place where life, its celebrations, and its hardships are never faced alone. Together we build a community where diversity is celebrated, the unexpected embraced and where we can bring our beliefs alive in the world. We create opportunities for children to wonder, to find their own questions, to explore, to seek wisdom and mystery, and to be together in community with others – alike and unlike.

Our program content is selected or designed by the Lifespan Religious Education Ministry Team and professional staff to be most compatible with those goals. It is our commitment to offer experiences of faith in ways that meet the learning and developmental needs of our children.

In addition to Sunday morning religious education classes, Cedar Lane offers a number of multi-generational programs and worship services throughout the year. These allow our entire congregation to come together so we may learn and enjoy each other’s company in worship and service.

Children's Religious Education

Adult Programs

Tapestry Program

Tapestry back page of newsletter may 2017

Class offerings will include: 

Classism and Hillbilly Elegy
Audience: Adults
Date: June 11
Leader: Janeil Stewart
Description: Interactive group experience to identify values that have led to the current deep political divide. We will explore classism and JD Vance's Hillbilly Elegy to better understand ourselves and the "other". What makes the "other side" tick? Understanding the values that drive our own decisions and the decisions of others can further our seeing the inherit worth and dignity of all.

Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Dates: June 4, 11, 18
Leader: Varied
Description: Come together each Sunday to share your music, poetry, talents and abilities with each other and to discover what each of us brings to the greater community!

Creek Clean-Up
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Date: June 11
Leader: Chris Graham
Description: Come work with fellow Cedar Laners to help clean the creek near the church and show our respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all of nature!

Grounds Beautification
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Dates: June 4, 18
Leaders: Linda Gianessi, Joan Riggs
Description: Team up with other Cedar Laners, bringing your talents and skills, to keep our grounds beautiful and serene

Hand Drumming
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Date: June 11
Leader: Chris Mauro
Description: Come learn hand drumming and have equal value and equal voice to your fellow drummers!

Intro to Hand Bells
Audience: 5th Grade and Up and ability to read music
Date: June 4
Leader: Dr. Henry Sgrecci
Description: You know you like the sound of the bells. You know you've been curious about how the ringers (yes, that's what they're called!) make all those neat sounds. Maybe you've been too embarrassed to ask. Well, here's your chance to get up close and personal with Cedar Lane's own hand bell expert, Dr. S! You'll learn proper grip, swinging motion, starting and stopping the sound, and a few of those fancy techniques the ringers use, like tapping the bells on the table, tapping them with mallets, and making those swirling motions with their wrists. And, you'll actually ring a song that you can recognize and will learn what each of us brings to the bells table that helps make that beautiful sound!!!

Intro to Swing Dancing (Lindy Hop)
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Date: June 18
Leaders: Karen Durland and Scott Braun
Description: We will present a brief history of the Lindyhop, a truly American dance, and introduce a few basic steps that are unique to the Lindyhop. The Lindyhop is a social partner dance where dancers usually switch partners after every song. Swing dancing promotes acceptance, courtesy, and learning to partner with lots of different people. It is energetic, great exercise, and FUN!

Kissing Frogs: Living the 1st Principle
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Date: June 11
Leader: Rev. Abhi Janamanchi
Description: An interactive conversation about the ethical, theological, and spiritual underpinnings of the first UU principle.

Non-Gendered Language
Audience: Adults
Date: June 4
Leaders: Ezra Towne, Mycroft Masada
Description: Have you ever wondered how to remove gender from our daily language? Even though feminists worked hard to remove words like mailman, fireman, stewardess and actress from our occupational vocabulary, we fall short in so many other areas. How can we adapt the way we speak, and the words we use, to eliminate the assumption of gender? 

Paper Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams (Origami)
Audience: Children, Youth
Date: June 18
Leader: Jenny Binckes Lee
Description: Together we will fold our wishes, hopes & dreams into squares of colored paper. These simple origami forms are just the thing to make ourselves & others smile. The art of origami asks us to be still & calm, to focus on symmetry & beauty. In creating an object of beauty for ourselves or for others, we are are recognizing our own inherent worth as artists & dreamers. In addition, we are recognizing the inherent worth of the receivers of our origami creations.

UU 101
Audience: Adults
Date: June 4
Leader: Rev. Michelle Collins
Description: Are you curious about Unitarian Universalism? This introductory UU 101 class is a short introduction to our faith and a chance to meet other newcomers to Cedar Lane. We'll talk about the seven principles and a bit about our identity, and you'll have a chance to ask Rev. Michelle any questions that you have.

Wow Mosaics
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Dates: June 4, 11, 18
Leader: Varied
Description: In this Tapestry of Faith workshop, participants create beautiful works of art out of small bits of glass, reinforcing the idea that something broken can be used to create something beautiful. With the glass you can make images representing things that fill them with awe and wonder, reinforcing our Unitarian Universalist Source, "The sense of wonder we all share" as well as learning how all of us, no matter how broken, have inherent worth and dignity that contributes to the beautiful mosaic of people.

Yoga for All Ages
Audience: Children, Youth, Adults
Dates: June 4, 11, 18
Leader: Katrina Wilson
Description: This class welcomes all ages 2 -102 for a shared yoga practice. Classes will include a sequence of poses, with modifications for all ages and abilities, and partner poses for big and little pairs. There will also be mindfulness exercises, games, songs and stories centered on the First Principle - the worth and dignity of every person, which we'll explore as compassion and acceptance for ourselves and others. Come join us for a playful, fun approach to yoga and practice finding peace amidst the lightness that comes with children.