From the Stewardship Team

CLUUC Ingathering Service 157

Now Is The Time! Stewardship Drive Update

Goal: $1,100,000
Percent of Goal: 22.2%

Over 160 people attended Seminary For A Day last Saturday. And the church was crowded with many newcomers and members last Sunday. At Seminary For A Day and at the services, we were comforted, uplifted, and moved to action. We need--now more than ever--to support a church that upholds our values and offers solace and sanctuary for those most imperiled or threatened. We need to be there for the church as it is here for us. Please be thankful, spirit-filled, and generous with a financial pledge for 2017-18.

Thank you to all of the individuals and families who have already made their annual financial pledge for next year! Your contributions help ensure the continuation of our inspiring Sunday mornings with beautiful music, religious education for children and youth, the many classes, retreats and workshops offered through our adult learning programs each year, and our vital social justice work.

If you haven't yet pledged, please think deeply about what Cedar Lane means in your life and the life of our broader community... and make your pledge as soon as you can. Thank you for your generosity.

Click here to pledge.

Or call Sara Deshler, our Executive Director, at 301-493-8300 x209 with your information.

With gratitude,
Your Stewardship Team

Have you Gotten The Call?

From a fellow member serving as a Visiting Steward? The Stewardship Team's Visiting Stewards are our ambassadors to the Congregation for the annual pledge drive. Each has volunteered to get together with a few members for a conversation about what Cedar Lane means to you, what warms your heart about it. And to talk about generosity as a spiritual practice. Please answer the call and make the time to get together at your mutual convenience. You'll not be asked to reveal your pledge, nor will you be pressured in any way.

Is Your Nametag on Fire?

Wondering what those little flame stickers are? They indicate the wearer has made their pledge towards next year's operating budget. And on the Flame-ometer, the growing number of little flames is kindling a huge chalice of hope as we raise $1.1 million to make love work in these troubled times. So, add your spark by pledging. You recently received the campaign materials and pledge card in the mail. Or you can pledge online.