What to Expect

Buddist Temple Growing Up Year 2016Growing Up Year Class Trip to Buddhist Temple, Fall 2016

We will worship

Children and youth bring gifts to worship.  They model spirituality to adults.  Kids age 4 through grade 5 worship with Hillary and the worship team.  Kids are encouraged to invite their parents to worship at 10 AM and 12 PM in true Chapel.  Middle and High School groups worship in their classrooms.  Through worship, we build strength to change the world.

We will learn     

We don’t teach children and youth what to think.  We teach them how to think for themselves.  We offer religious education classes from cradle to college.  Our learning model is experiential, hands on.  We create spiritual experiences for children and youth, and leaders accompany learners on their spiritual journeys.  We learn to articulate the tenets of a liberal faith AND apply them to our daily decision-making.  Through learning we develop a reasonable faith.

We will serve

We ask children and youth to put hands and feet on our cerebral Principles and Purposes.*  We have them “do” first, and them reflect on how their actions affirm or challenge their faith.  We view the church’s neighborhood and beyond as a primary laboratory for learning; we partner with other not-for-profits to give learners opportunities to commit intentional acts of social justice on Sunday mornings .  Through service we grow our own souls. 

We will build community

We are a visible and viable outpost for what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr called the “beloved community.”  Children and youth will makes friends with their peers and across age lines.  They will get to know adults who often (but not always) mirror their parents' and guardians' beliefs and values.  They will be missed when they are unable to be at church.  Their milestones will be celebrated.  Through building community we acknowledge who we are and whose we are.