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Financial Support of Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church

Generosity: An essential aspect of the life of this church.

Each of us has an opportunity to experience a generous heart as we make a financial contribution to this religious community which enriches our lives.

Each Unitarian Universalist Church is solely responsible for funding its own programs and day-to day operations. At Cedar Lane that means we rely on our members and friends to underwrite a budget of $1,200,000.

Here we answer some common questions newcomers ask about money and provide a guide to generous giving.

If you have never been a part of a Unitarian Universalist church, you probably have some questions about what financial expectations Cedar Lane has for you.

Once a year in the spring we conduct our annual pledge drive with all members and friends. We ask that newcomers and those who attend services or programs pledge or contribute to the church. We have few resources of income other than our members and friends; therefore we truly need and expect the support of all newcomers as well as our regular congregation.

"Hold on there. I've only been attending services at Cedar Lane for a short time and already you are asking me for money?"

We ask all who participate in our services or programs, members or not, to join us in financial support of our community. As a newcomer you may have missed the pledge drive, or not felt ready to pledge at that time, but we gratefully accept mid-year pledges as well.

"Why should I pledge if I put money in the collection plate whenever I come to church?"

To provide ongoing programs, we need to have predictable revenue. Our expenses for salaries, utilities and maintenance continue regardless of attendance. We cannot budget adequately based on fluctuating collection plate contributions. Currently almost 90% of our revenue comes from pledged contributions. As a participant, we ask you to give your fair share to support Cedar Lane.

"How do I pay a pledge?"

Most members and friends contribute once each month, either by placing their check in the plate on Sunday or by mailing their check to Cedar Lane. Some contribute a lump sum to cover the entire year. Occasionally we receive gifts of appreciated stock, which give significant tax benefits to the donors. The Church Administrator, Sara Deshler, can help you or direct you to people to advise you on these matters.

Charge Your Pledge Payment

Care to take advantage of mileage or other incentive programs by charging your pledge payments to Cedar Lane to a credit card? You may do so by Charging your pledge or donation on line by clicking here.  Questions?  Please contact our church accountant, Marcia Montanio

"I have never pledged to a church before and don't know how much is appropriate. Can you explain this to me?"

At Cedar Lane we do not require a fixed pledge. However, when asked what an appropriate pledge would be, we use a rule of thumb of between 2% and 5% of household income. An annual pledge of $3,000 per couple, $1,500 per individual is appreciated. Since some of our members are either early or late in their earning careers, and are able to contribute less. That means that others, who can, contribute more. One purpose of a spiritual community is to help those in more limited circumstances. Again, the Church Administrator will explain this further.

"What will my pledge go towards?

Cedar Lane is a healthy community of about 850 members and friends. Our annual budget is approximately $1.2 million,  Here is how the costs break down per member/friend:

$988 Ministers and staff
$129 Buildings and grounds
$213 Religious education, social justice, music, other programs
$  83 Denominational Dues
$  87 Office administration


"At this point we are primarily interested in religious education for our children. How does this impact our pledge?"

It costs the Church $500 for each child enrolled in the religious education program. We ask that your pledge reflect this amount at a minimum. If you also attend some services or participate in other Church activities, we ask that your pledge take into account the cost of these activities as well.

"What if my financial circumstances change during the year and I can't keep up with my pledge?"

Should a change occur in your financial status and you are unable to meet your pledge, it is possible to adjust your pledge during the fiscal year. We care about your situation, and will work with people who are having financial needs, which affect their pledge.

"Is there a minimum pledge?"

Those on a limited income can discuss a minimum pledge with one of the ministers.

"I am ready to pledge. What now?"

Please click here to make your pledge online.   We are glad to have your support and many thanks!

Guide to Generous Giving:

 Annual Income  Pledge Range   Annual Pledge
 $25,000  2-5%  $500-$1,250
 $50,000  2-5%  $1,000-$2,500
 $75,000  2-5%  $1,500-$3,750
$100,000  2-5% $2,000-$5,000
$125,000  2-5% $2,500-$6,250
$150,000 2-5% $3,000-$7,500
$200,000 2-5% $4,000-$10,000