Environmental Ministry

Rock Creek Clean Up Fall 2016 4Photo:  From our Charlotte Brewer Rock Creek Clean-up, September 25, 2016

We work with the 7th UU principle in mind: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

What DO WE do in the Environmental Justice Ministry?

We aim to inspire and engage people and the public on Environmental Justice. We are a group of environmentally conscious and passionate people. Different paths bring us together. We share a vision of being stewards of the Earth. We affirm and support each other as builders of a more just and nurturing world. We made a commitment to our loving community to: advocate, educate and support each other. All that being said we have fun together. 

Break Free Rally DC May 2016

1. Advocate for the Environment

We petition, demonstrate, and advocate on climate change and other pressing environmental concerns, because it is our spiritual commitment to provide a sustainable environment for generations to come.

  • Letter writing, petitioning, social media campaigns 
  • Collaborate with local and national environmental groups, regional UU activists on environmental justice
  • Join together in demonstrations and vigils to witness on behalf of future generations.       
  • Testify and lobby for a sustainable planet on the local, state and federal level        

Rock Creek Clean up 2016 bridge

2. Educate about the Environment

Science and spirit are both important to us and are reflected in our educational activities. We had fun with our Big Foot project, an interactive sticker game for all ages to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

  • Organize church and community-wide interactive family activities to decrease our collective carbon footprint
  • Offer thought-provoking reading circles and workshops on climate science, sustainability, and other environmental topics.
  • Present monthly environmental movie series with speakers leading discussions. 

Mandala 2015 Chris Graham

3. Sustain Eco-spirituality and Community Service

We encourage each other and our community to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. We plant, we laugh, we march, we celebrate, we talk, we connect to Mother Earth. Come and join us!

  • Engage with ministers around services with an earth-centered theme
  • Celebrate ancient earth rituals, such as the equinoxes
  • Organize Rock Creek River Clean-Up twice a year (fall and spring) 
  • Maintain our butterfly garden and work with the Cedar Lane Grounds Ministry on projects
  • Recognize people’s efforts to reduce their carbon foot print and their contributions to saving our beautiful Earth