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Becoming a Member

Why become a member of Cedar Lane?

Becoming a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation is a significant commitment that people make in their lives.

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, not a creedal, religion. By covenantal, we mean making intentional promises out of our own free will to support ourselves and one another in our spiritual and ethical living, while seeking to bear witness to our highest values and convictions in our daily lives, and in that way striving to build a more just and peaceful world.  When people enter into this meaningful covenant, they promise each other a safe and loving community in which to "travel together" through the joys and sorrows, agreements, and conflicts of our individual and shared lives. Find out more about UUs and the concept of covenant here.

There are two sides to the coin of the covenant.  On one side, the word “Promise” is inscribed.  The very real prospect of spiritual growth and fulfillment awaits those who agree to journey together on this shared pilgrimage. The word “Obligation” may be found on the obverse of the coin.  Our pilgrimage is made more meaningful when every member shares a portion of the load.  

Membership is a personal commitment to participate in a process of sharing your time, talents, and treasures with others in a quest that is personal, social, spiritual, practical, and institutional.

No one in this community will ever be asked to assume a burden beyond their capacity, to make an unreasonable commitment, or an illogical sacrifice. We do ask you to believe in the promise, and to accept the obligation. The rewards of belonging to this congregation are wholly commensurate with the level of commitment we each are willing to bring to it.

How does one become a member?

You become an official member of Cedar Lane by signing the membership book during a new member recognition ceremony on a Sunday during worship or at a private signing, witnessed by Rev. Abhi or Rev. Katie or the Director of Communications & Membership Engagement, Sara Davidson.  

When can I sign the book?

  • New Member Recognition Ceremonies:  Welcoming new members is an inspiring and joyful occasion in the life of a congregation. We would be honored to have you sign the book in a ceremony during one of our worship services. Our next New Member Recognition date is Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 9 & 11 am.  Please email Rev. Katie Romano Griffin at if you plan to participate. 
  • If you prefer to sign privately we will be happy to honor that request as well.  Contact Rev. Katie Romano Griffin to arrange to sign the book privately.

While signing the book is the official marker of membership, please refer to the pathways to membership below for more information about steps to take upon becoming a new member.

Pathways to membership at Cedar Lane:

What are the responsibilities of membership?

  • Participate in Worship: Coming together to worship is what binds us together and makes us a religious community. If you can't make it in person, live stream or catch-up with us during the week on YouTube.
  • Engage in Service: There are many ways to give back to congregational life - volunteer on Sunday mornings, join the choir, teach in our lifespan religious education program, participate in a social justice project. Read Cedar Lane's eNews to learn about opportunities to get involved. Note: To sign-up for our eNews click on the "Get On Our eNews List" button link in the footer of our website.
  • Connect with Others in the Community: Join a Soul Circle or another group. Check out our calendar to see what's up group activities are coming up!
  • Give Generously: Members are encouraged to give generously by making an identifiable financial commitment to Cedar Lane in the form of a yearly annual pledge. Pledging members are voting members of the congregation. Members can be excused from pledging in case of financial hardship by speaking with a minister. View our giving page to learn more or give online.

Through worship, service, connections, and giving, we grow. We deepen our understanding of ourselves and our connection to one another and our community. In this way, active membership is a spiritual practice.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Members have the right to vote in congregational meetings, including resolutions, election of board members and lay leaders, and the calling of ministers, six months after signing the membership book and making a financial pledge of record.
  • Members are entitled to have a rite-of-passage (child dedication, coming of age ceremony, wedding, or memorial service) at the church for a nominal fee for the space and with no charge for the officiant. Committed groups and ministry teams within the church such as the Alliance and the Flower Team provide assistance for members' memorial services.
  • Members are eligible to serve on the board or chair a ministry team.
  • Members receive discounts on fees charged for adult religious education classes.
  • Members receive official church mailings.

Are there rules about who can join?

Members must be at least 16 years old. Voting members must be at least 18 years old to vote on changes to the church's Articles of Incorporation.


    Please contact Associate Minister Rev. Katie Romano Griffin,


    Chat with a Minister!

    Want to chat with a minister about Cedar Lane? About the Unitarian Universalist faith?  Join us for an informal, drop-in style chat with one of our ministers on the first Sunday of each month, October 2019 through June 2020.

    Contact Info

    Rev. Katie Romano Griffin
    Faith Forward: Seekers

    Visitors, newcomers, and new members are invited to participate in the Seekers Series – the first step on our Faith Forward Path. The Seekers Series meets at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings in the Beacon Room. It is a series of 6 conversations that offer a general introduction to our congregation and Unitarian Universalism. The series is ongoing, so you are welcome to participate in the sessions in any order, as you’re able. 

    Contact Info

    Sara Davidson, Director of Communications & Membership Engagement
    Soul Circles

    Cedar Lane centers our worship life on a timeless spiritual theme each month (e.g. Intention or Wholeness.) Part of our thematic ministry includes our Soul Circles.  Participants gather monthly for opening/closing words, personal check-in, and engagement with the monthly spiritual theme. These groups are a great way to connect with other members of Cedar Lane, whether you're a newcomer or a long-time member.

    Contact Info

    Tim Atkins
    New Member Recognition

    This short celebration invites those of you who have recently signed the membership book or are ready to sign the book, to come before the congregation during worship and share a responsive reading with the congregation as we officially invite you into the community. If you are interested, please email Sara Davidson (contact info below).

    Contact Info

    Sara Davidson
    New Member Brunch

    At the end of each church year, we gather to celebrate those that have joined us over the course of the church year.  We'll meet after the 12 pm worship service for brunch at Cedar Lane member and Membership Engagement Ministry Team member Maryann Dillon's house, close to the church. Date to come for 2020!