| Lesley Vossen, Member of the Immigrant Justice Ministry Team

Cedar Lane’s Immigrant Justice Team continues to work on a number of projects both as a group and as individual members of the team. From time to time, in Cedar Lane’s newsletter, members will reflect on the work being done to help new and prospective immigrants coming to America seeking safety, freedom, and hope for their children.

| John Gubbings

I was asked to tell you why I felt called to support the Poor Peoples Campaign and participate in its direct action at the U.S. Capitol. It would take the story of my life, but basically it is the desire to take responsibility at the highest level opportunity brings my way. For the first three fourths of my life this was in the context of the Navy and classified activities of the U.S. Government.


The Unitarian religion is practiced by ethnic Hungarians in approximately 120 churches in Romania. Almost every church has a partner church in the U.S. There are many shared elements of religious perspectives between UUs in the United States and churches in Transylvania, but there are also significant differences. The Unitarians at our partner church are Christians. Below are excerpts of an essay shared by UUPCC written by Transylvanian Unitarians to explain their beliefs: “God is One and indivisible.


As I finish the final semester of studies for my Masters of Divinity at Wesley Theological Seminary, I’m diving deep into our Unitarian Universalist (UU) heritage through courses specific to UU History and UU Theology.

I fear we sometimes lose track of that heritage as we fight for the contemporary issues that move us so deeply. What I’ve learned, though, is that knowledge of our spiritual and theological ancestry brings greater resonance and greater strength to all that we strive toward today.


This time last week, I was writing to you when I was in a personal state of despair while trying to process yet another mass school shooting. Today though, I have hope. It’s such a drastic difference in just a week I’ve almost got emotional whiplash. So, why all the sudden do I have hope when hope was hard to find?



IT STARTS NOW!—A coordinated, sustained, focused campaign by Cedar Lane and 22 other congregations and schools to compel Montgomery County Council to greatly increase vital support for our immigrant neighbors, regardless of their status.