Hitting & Missing the Mark

February 27, 2019
  • Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

We get lost. The question is not whether we will get lost in life, but rather how we will move through it in faith. Will we dwell on everything that we have lost? Or will we focus instead on everything that we have yet to find? – Rev. Erik Martínez Resly

This month’s Soul Matters theme is “Journey.” The Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs often implores us to do our spiritual journeying “within” our lives, “among” our congregations and denominations, and “beyond” our denomination. But our journeys are not simple on any of these three levels. In fact they can get complicated and we can lose our way. As I type these words I am wondering about an ancestral cousin of Unitarian Universalism, our Methodist brethren and their journey.

A few years ago, I served in campus ministry at Florida Gulf Coast University. I was Vice President of the United Campus Ministries program there and the President of the organization, my partner in getting good work done, was a Methodist Minister. She not only encouraged me in my work in seminary but also was a driving force in helping me help UUs on campus do amazing social justice work. One of my fondest memories was at the end of a semester. We were sitting in a small café on campus with both UU students and Methodist students bonding, making jokes, and reflecting on the good justice work they did together that year. My heart is breaking for her and many of my Methodist colleagues who are struggling with their General Conference’s decision to continue to oppose same-sex marriage. Our justice-minded colleagues have lost their way on the journey to wholeness, and the fallout is so severe we cannot yet gauge it. How did things go so wrong? What within, among and beyond work was missed in helping this denomination make a lasting change toward supporting marriage equality?

As we move through this month on the topic of “Journey” I wonder, how can we each explore within ourselves where we are hitting and missing the mark in embodying our Unitarian Universalist values and principles?  Where are we hitting and missing the mark in our congregation?  How about denomination?  How about how we are living in the world?

Let us reflect on these questions together in worship, in our small group meetings, in budget discussions, in ministry team meetings, in our offices, our homes, and beyond. May we remember that we can move through the times we are lost with faith and may we also remember that we never truly journey alone.

Believing in you,

Rev. Katie