How do I become a member of Cedar Lane?

April 24, 2019
  • Sara Davidson, Director of Communications & Membership Engagement

Becoming a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation is a significant commitment that people make in their lives.

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, not a creedal, religion. By covenantal, we mean making intentional promises out of our own free will to support ourselves and one another in our spiritual and ethical living, while seeking to bear witness to our highest values and convictions in our daily lives, and in that way striving to build a more just and peaceful world. When people enter into this meaningful covenant, they promise each other a safe and loving community in which to "travel together" through the joys and sorrows, agreements, and conflicts of our individual and shared lives. Find out more about UUs and the concept of covenant:

There are two sides to the coin of the covenant. On one side, the word “promise” is inscribed. The very real prospect of spiritual growth and fulfillment awaits those who agree to journey together on this shared pilgrimage. The word “obligation” may be found on the obverse of the coin. Our pilgrimage is made more meaningful when every member shares a portion of the load.

Membership is a personal commitment to participate in a process of sharing your time, talents, and treasures with others in a quest that is personal as well as social, spiritual as well as practical, and individual as well as institutional. No one in this community will ever be asked to assume a burden beyond their capacity, to make an unreasonable commitment or an illogical sacrifice. We do ask you to believe in the promise, and to accept the obligation. The rewards of belonging to this congregation are wholly commensurate with the level of commitment we each are willing to bring to it.

How can I become a member?

You become a member of Cedar Lane by signing the membership book during a new member recognition ceremony on a Sunday or at a private signing, witnessed by a minister or the Director of Membership Engagement. 

Below is the recommended pathway the membership, although you are not required to fulfill every step.  The path is recommended as a way to get you connected and engaged in membership at Cedar Lane.

Pathways to membership at Cedar Lane:

For more information about the benefits and responsibilities of membership, please visit Questions? Please contact Director of Membership Engagement, Sara Davidson, / 301-493-8300 x202.