Listening Creatively

January 7, 2020
  • Dayna Edwards, Intern Minister

If you have been to a recent “all-ages” service at Cedar Lane UU Church when there are no religious education classes, you might have noticed that the worship team has been trying out something new. We have encouraged people of all-ages to use a pipe cleaner, or Wix-stick, or coloring page to help stay centered during the service. We have expanded the “creative listening” items offered and they will now be located in the back of the sanctuary during “all ages”services  so that you or your loved one can take an item as you enter and take your seat. 

The purpose of  the items in the "the creative listening basket" is to make worship services  more accessible to all people. People have different learning/listening styles. Many people absorb more information and/or feel more engaged if they are doing something with their hands. 

Our hope is that these items will offer a way to center your body and mind. We ask that if you use the creative listening options, you keep items in your hands, use one item at a time, and switch items during natural transitions in the service. At the end of  the service, just return the items to the table so that they are available at the next “all-ages” service. 

I wonder how you listen best? Feel free to reach out to our intern minister, Dayna Edwards with any suggestions.