Planting Hope

March 27, 2020

You may feel a bit anxious and depressed around the massive changes that took us all by surprise. Or you may also feel a bit concerned due to dwindling resources, boredom and lack of exercise. 

Here's some encouraging news: It's March and with it arrives our growing season! #CedarLaneStrong This is a perfect time to increase your self sufficiency, save money and enjoy watching your plants grow and eat them within 1-2 months, depending on what you grow. Gardening is a great multigenerational activity that can provide real sustenance.  Environmental Justice Team member Chris Graham has planted early vegetables like lettuce, Mesclun greens, spinach, radish and onion seeds. You can also buy plants to shorten the time until you can harvest.

One tip: don't pull the plants up by the roots, just snip of individual leaves and let the rest of the plant regrow.  Last frost date around here is Mother's Day, then you can safely plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers outdoors. If you planted those type of plants in containers, leave them inside in a sunny window or use grow lights.

Here are some short YouTube videos for more information: 

Overall tips for container growing (has planting planner) ttps://

Grow large vegetables in containers:

11 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow (Forever-Gardening Tips):

For more detailed information on growing vegetables, check with the University of Maryland Extension site:

Happy growing and hope to see you at the April 26th Earth Day service!

Your Environmental Justice Team! (Contributors: Chris Graham, Karen Williams, Nanci Wilkinson)