| Tim Atkins, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

This morning I decided to set my alarm a few hours early, put my bravest face on, and go to the grocery store the morning before Thanksgiving. Now, this was all the result of poor planning on my part – I knew I needed groceries but for some reason kept waiting until quite possibly the busiest day of the year for grocery stores. I thought about using Instacart (and giving a great tip since they were doing my dirty work for me) but I knew I needed to look at the baking section to see what I really needed.

| Tim Atkins, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Happy Halloween!

| Helen Worth, Cedar Lane Member

On October 20 and 21, the Renovation Task Force provided an opportunity for nearly two dozen attendees to learn and ask questions.

A slide show illustrated the three areas targeted for renovation – Main Entrance, Social Hall, and Sanctuary – which will make Cedar Lane not only more beautiful and functional, but also a more modern, safer, more accessible building. 

| Dayna Edwards, Intern Minister

My daughters’ dance studio is a two-minute drive from IKEA in College Park. On Saturday mornings (especially as the weather gets colder) my little guy and I spend an hour or so walking around IKEA while we wait for ballet class to be over. My frequent visits have given me ample opportunity to consider why we keep coming back, even though we’re not in the market for furniture. We keep coming back, because it is a place where we feel like we belong.

| Leslie Backus, Cedar Lane member

As many in the congregation know, I grew up at Cedar Lane. My parents met through an All Souls young adult group and were married there. When A. Powell Davies sent members out into the suburbs, my parents went, too. I have vivid memories of the Women’s Club, Sunday School classes at BCC and Leland Junior High, and the official ground-breaking for this very building. I was four then and absolutely furious that a group of boys dug a hole much bigger than mine.

| Dayna Edwards, Intern Minister

Dear Cedar Lane UU Church,

Hi! I am so excited to start my journey with you as your part-time ministerial intern for the next two years. Currently, I am a student at Meadville Theological Seminary beginning my third of four years. While I am new to Cedar Lane, I have lived in the DC area for about twenty years and I have been a religious professional for about eight years. I have attended some events at CLUUC in the past and have been particularly inspired by the work you are doing as a Sanctuary Congregation.