| Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

We get lost. The question is not whether we will get lost in life, but rather how we will move through it in faith. Will we dwell on everything that we have lost? Or will we focus instead on everything that we have yet to find? – Rev. Erik Martínez Resly

| Stephanie Helwig, Cedar Lane Choir Member

I had been living in Bethesda, MD for almost 2 years and passed by the church multiple times. I kept thinking, I should go in and check it out, but I didn't and time kept ticking along. Then on September 6, 2015, my brother died. I lost my breath and time stopped. When I returned from his funeral, I emailed the church, desperate for something - connection, guidance, love - any and all of those things. Rev. Michelle Collins replied and I met with her the following day.

| Angela Wall, Cedar Lane member

After having already visited the great Shiva temple in Thanjavur, and after a 4 pm lunch in Madurai, our group took off, hoping to see another famous temple. The narrow streets, made it impossible to get close to the site so we walked, which allowed a chance to get a feel for the neighborhood this temple was in. Very ancient, but dusty and crowded, full of motorcycles honking and sellers of everything.

| Kate Harrison, Cedar Lane member

India has welcomed our hearty band of 22 Cedar Laners in many inspiring and thought-provoking ways during the first week of our travels.

We are thousands of miles from the D.C. area, but we felt truly at home when members of the Unitarian Christian Church in Chennai opened their doors and their hearts to us on February 9. Founded in 1795, the church is the oldest Unitarian- affiliated church outside Western Europe, but it feels like a modern day praise church - Indian style.  

| Christin Green, Intern Minister

Dear Child of the Universe,

"I will be gentle with myself, I will love myself, I'm a child of the universe being born each moment."

| Immigration Justice Ministry Team

Cedar Lane’s Immigrant Justice Ministry was formed in October 2016 after members participated in a Borderlinks/Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice (UUCSJ)-sponsored ‘Border Witness Journey’ to the Tucson AZ area. For five days participants explored in-depth experiences and reflections around immigration across the SW border, what drives immigrants to leave their home countries, immigrant rights, humanitarian efforts, deportation, US courts, sources of injustices in this system, and numerous related factors...