photo of Cedar Lane building in springtime

Building Renovation

FAQ Regarding Renovation and Capital Campaign

(May 22, 2020)

What is the status of the building renovation?

With the pandemic, there are too many uncertainties to be able to proceed productively. The Board has accepted the Renovation Task Force’s May 2020 recommendation to pause renovation planning until later in the year. By then we hope to have a better picture of our priorities, the participation of potential tenants, and what we can accomplish within the budget authorized by the congregation. The Renovation Task Force is also responsible for the Capital Campaign. Further solicitation is on hold.

How can we be planning a big renovation when our operating budget continues to be in the red?

Planning for this long overdue renovation began four years ago and it has been generously supported by the congregation. The Renovation Task Force is being prudent in pausing the planning, awaiting a better sense of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on us all.

The pandemic is putting a painful strain on our operating budget. In these unprecedented times the Board, Generosity Team, ministers, and staff are asking members to increase their pledges to the operating budget. To increase yours, renew, or make your pledge for 2020-21, please go to

Once the building is renovated, there will be more opportunities for revenue-generating rentals than heretofore. This will help our stretched operating budget. Thus, the sooner we are renovated, the better off we will be financially.

Should the church move money from the Capital Campaign to the operating budget?

Donors were assured by the Capital Campaign that their contributions would be restricted to renovations for the building. This renovation is part of our Vision 2020 plan that the congregation approved in 2016 and commits us to “Transform our space to better nurture community.” This renovation is needed to make our building ADA accessible, create a more inviting and user-friendly social hall, and increase our rental opportunities.

Increasing our non-pledge income is key to our long-term financial health. After the renovation, we plan to have two anchor tenants downstairs plus a more inviting event space to rent out upstairs. All of this will create a more nurturing place for us to gather in. And it’s important to note, one donor to the Capital Campaign left a sizable contribution to create a maintenance fund, designed to help cover years of maintenance. This will also relieve some pressure on the annual operating budget.

While the building is vacant, why not do some of the renovation?

Several members have suggested that we could at least do the bathrooms or make improvements to several classrooms. This may seem simple, but it is more complicated. We would need building permits from the county which requires detailed construction drawings. The plan’s current state is conceptual; we were just about to begin design development, followed by construction drawings and the permitting process when the pandemic hit.

Is there a new timeline for the renovation?

Yes and no. The hope is to be able to re-engage the architects by late 2020. We do know that from the time we resume, the design development and construction drawings phase will take about 6 months. During that time there, will be several opportunities for congregational participation. It will then take the county 3-4 months to issue permits. Once permitted, construction can begin. Construction will take 10-12 months and, though there will be periods of inconvenience, we should be able to use the building during construction.

Should I continue fulfilling my Capital Campaign pledge if we are pausing the renovation?

Many members have generously given to the Capital Campaign and a large percentage of donors have now fulfilled their pledges. We urge you to continue to keep paying your pledge as you are able. It is understandable that some who are still making payments may need to pause during these challenging times. If your circumstances call for a pause, please contact Jen Morley, Executive Director, at