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Caring Ministries

To be human is to seek meaningful companionship with others, not only to share the everyday experiences of life but also to belong to a people that celebrate individual joys and mourn individual sorrows. Caring for one another is a cornerstone of congregational life at Cedar Lane.

As relationships develop and strengthen between people, much of the love and support Cedar Lane offers is informal, gestures of support and concern between friends during difficult times. But caring for one another is also a spiritual practice, something the congregation offers as an expression of our shared compassion and faith. Here is an overview of the intentional ways Cedar Lane members and friends give and receive care:

Pastoral Prayer

If you are going through a life challenge, bereavement, loss, change of life status, or would like us to hold a loved one in prayer or mindful reflection, you can submit a prayer request by using the form below and your request will be held in care and confidence by the prayer team.

Sharing Joys & Sorrows

Have a pastoral care need or update? 

Please call our pastoral care line at 301-493-8300 x208 or email

Have you ever wondered how member news is announced to the congregation? Our Pastoral Care Team and ministers hear about them throughout the week and weekend, and then Rev. Katie Romano Griffin compiles them during the week and submits them for our weekly eNews publication. Our weekly Worship Associate reads them from the eNews as well as any others that the ministers pass along and they are read aloud in worship on Sundays.

So how do you get something recognized?  It's easy!  Just let Rev. Katie Romano Griffin or any of the Pastoral Visitors know by calling our pastoral care line at 301-493-8300 x208 or email them at What do we include? Anything that's weighing on you, anything you'd like prayers or blessings for, or anything that you're celebrating and would like to share with our Cedar Lane community, births, marriages, promotions, good news, anything. Remember that we can only publish something we have permission to share, so if it's about another Cedar Lane member, it might not be able to go in until we've gotten their permission. Please do feel to share and helps us to nurture our Beloved Community.


Ministerial Appointments

Our ministers at Cedar Lane make themselves available for pastoral counseling sessions. These meetings are intended for short-term support; long-term counseling requires the services of a professional therapist. Pastoral counseling functions more like spiritual direction (finding "the sacred" in a given situation) than traditional psychotherapy or practical problem-solving. If you wish to have an opportunity to be listened to, to make better sense of a difficult situation or to pray with a religious leader, contact one of the ministers for an appointment.

Contact Info

Rev. Katie Romano Griffin
Pastoral Visitors

This ministry team addresses both long-term and temporary pastoral needs and includes members Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, Betsy Binckes (Team Coordinator), Anne Meyer, Bob Harrison, Helen Pechacek, Janeil Stewart, Kathleen Holmay, Phil Smith, Tim Persons, JoAnn Jersey, & Latha Pothuri.  These trusted volunteers receive training in basic pastoral care and make on-going visits with church members – the home bound, the infirm, the terminally ill and those going through periods of transition, such as healing from surgery, the birth of a child, or a divorce. The team meets to gather and share information, provide continuing education, and support the volunteers in this life-changing service.

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Pastoral Visitors Ministry Team
We Care

This is a lay-led ministry team that ensures that Cedar Lane members connect with one another and receive practical support in times of crisis. Cedar Lane membership is divided into "neighborhoods," designated by a number. Members can find their neighborhood number on their nametags. Each neighborhood has a chairperson (or co-chairs) that coordinate(s) care in their area. When Cedar Lane members have short-term needs for support - food delivered in the event of a family death, rides to doctors' appointments - the Chair contacts the neighbors in their neighborhood and makes sure that the needs are met. 

Contact Info

Rev. Katie Romano Griffin