photo of Cedar Lane building in springtime

Building Our Vision

Welcome to the new site where you can follow the progress of our building renovation. Check frequently for updates.

Renovation is Made Possible By Capital Campaign Pledgers

A little over a year ago, March 3, 2018, to be precise, we kicked off the first capital campaign Cedar Lane has had in more than 20 years. For this event, we returned to the site where our congregation began: the Women's Club of Chevy Chase. There our visionary predecessors held worship services and religious education classes while finding the land and raising the funds to build the first UU church in Montgomery County. It was a fitting place to celebrate our vision and begin to make our future possible. It was a joyous day!

By the end of 2018, members had pledged $5.3 million to the capital campaign. To our capital pledgers, we owe gratitude for your generosity. The campaign will continue for two more years, and we expect -- and hope -- others will participate.

Renovation Task Force

The Board also chartered the Renovation Task Force to continue the Capital Campaign and to, oversee the design and construction of the renovations. 

The Board seeks congregational outreach at all stages of design development, refinement, and construction. So as important as the technical side of the Reno Task Force is its outreach function.

Renovation Highlights:

You don’t see sawdust and scaffolding yet, but work to improve our building to better nurture our Cedar Lane community and that is more accessible to all our members and visitors, is well underway.

So where do things stand today? In January, the Board of Trustees approved a budget of $4.1 million for building renovations.

Having a budget for the renovation was a major milestone. By mid-February, Ritter Norton Architects, who had created the conceptual plan used in the capital campaign, was under contract for design development. And the Reno Task Force recently selected a general contractor who will work with RNA as the design evolves, to assure more accurate cost estimates.

The renovation of our building is a great opportunity for all who are a part of Cedar Lane to shape where we worship, where we learn, where we find joy in community. This is a major endeavor that will not be repeated any time soon. Sixty years ago Cedar Lane’s visionary leaders and its congregation made possible what we have enjoyed for the past six decades. This is your chance to be part of a brighter future for the current congregation and congregations to come.

Budget is the ultimate driver for how much can be included in the finished building, so if you have not made your pledge for this project please do so now by contacting If you’ve already made a pledge, Cedar Lane thanks you. But just so you know, the Board would gratefully accept any increase in your pledge if you find you can give more. Act now to be part of a brighter, more impactful Cedar Lane future.

Preliminary Timeline 2019

The next step is getting to the nuts and bolts of what we need in a building. During March and April, stakeholders affected by the renovation were invited to meet with the Reno Task Force and RNA to discuss what type of renovated space would best fit their needs. The architects had a work session with Ministry Team Leaders at their monthly meeting, March 26. Similar meetings were held with the music ministry Sunday, March 31 after 11 am service. And, that same day, between services, Religious Education families also shared thoughts with the architects and the Reno Task Force.

There are two conceptual plans under consideration. Which will be chosen for further design development depends on two factors: information received from stakeholders / cottage meetings and construction cost.

By late June 2019, the Reno Task Force expects to have the preliminary concept design and initial cost estimate, at which time additional stakeholder meetings will be scheduled over the summer.

Also during summer, the Reno Task Force will be organizing field trips to several recently renovated churches in the region. Look for announcements in eNews and on bulletin boards.

late summer, the refined design and cost estimate will be presented to the Board. Following Board approval, the Reno Task Force will hold several cottage meetings leading up to a special Congregational Meeting and vote in late September or early October.

What an exciting time this is for Cedar Lane. Thank you all for being part of this momentous initiative!

Watch this space for ongoing renovation news.