photo of Cedar Lane building in springtime

Building Closure

August 4 - August 17 (we will still worship on Sundays at 10 am!)


  • Entire Church
Clare Jacocks

Cedar Lane will again close for two weeks this summer. We will be closed from 12 pm on Sunday, August 4 through 7 am on Sunday, August 18. Services will be held at 10 am on August 4, 11, and18.

Other than church services, the buildings will not be available. The doors will be locked, and no meetings, events, classes, or other activities will be held. For the most part, staff will be working from home. This time allows building staff to tackle big projects (stripping and waxing floors, shampooing carpets, etc.). It also provides for some modest savings on our utility bills.

If you need meeting space during this time, consider the public library, a local coffeeshop, or someone’s home (if that works for your group).

Questions or to reschedule something that is on the calendar? Email Clare Jacocks at