headshot in Cedar Lane courtyard of Reverend Katie Romano Griffin in burgundy sweater

Civil Air Patrol Officer Commissioning: Chaplain (Captain) Katie Romano Griffin

November 10, 2019
10:15 am to 10:45 am


  • Sanctuary
Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

This coming Sunday, between services at 10:15 am in our Sanctuary Rev. Katie will be Commissioned by the Civil Air Patrol and Cedar Lane as a Chaplain. As part of her work in growing our congregation’s commitment to serve our community, she has been providing Character Development training to Parkland Middle School Squadron Cadets for almost a year. Now that the US Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol HQ have signed off on her Military Chaplaincy paperwork, she is being officially commissioned and your presence in blessing this important work is appreciated.

The Civil Air patrol is the Air Force auxiliary stateside that provides quality aerospace education, emergency response services training and urban search and rescue services when tragedies hit our nation. Rev. Katie will be continuing her training to respond as a Chaplain in times of crisis while also providing Character Development training as part of her ministry with Cedar Lane. By showing up in this way, Rev. Katie is expanding the reach of our congregation and our UU Values across the county and the nation. We hope you will join us. Active duty personnel and Civil Air Patrol Members and Cadets are invited to come in uniform.