coffee mug on a table that says "different people, different beliefs, one faith"

Up Close and Personal With the Board: Your Pledge Matters!

April 28, 2019
12:15 pm to 1:00 pm


  • Library
Gail Riley, Board President
  • What do we aspire to accomplish as a congregation?  
  • Why are our pledges important and how is the pledge drive going?
  • How do our pledging and staffing compare with local UU congregations?  

At each Sunday service we proudly declare that Cedar Lane is a place where love works!  But it can only work if we put our money where our hearts are and support Cedar Lane’s vision with our pledges!  Join a conversation about our pledging, our current financial challenges, and how they affect the budget that the Board will propose at this year’s Annual Congregational Meeting.  All are welcome!

Join us after Sunday services in the Library!