windmills and solar panels against a sunset

Film & Speaker: Happening with Armando Gaetaniello

June 15, 2018
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


  • Chalice House Main Room
Linda Silversmith

6:30 pm supper & movie at 7 pm

Speaker: Armando Gaetaniello, MS, Neighborhood Solar

Questions? Text Chris Graham at 301-717-4204 or email Linda Silversmith at Please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share for 7 or make a small donation!

Most Americans understand and accept the reality of climate change. For many of us, solutions to climate change seem out of reach, out of scale and fatally entwined in partisan politics. Meanwhile, the clean energy revolution is quietly underway. Electricity generated from wind and solar is increasingly more affordable than electricity generated from fossil fuels, and the growth curve for the generation and storage of renewable energy now resembles the exponential curves seen with the advent of radio, TV, and the internet. But can we meet all of our energy needs with renewable energy? This bigger question remains. In “Happening,” the director stresses the enduring power and value of a politically engaged citizenry.

Director: James Redford, Length: 50 min