Pagan Celebration of Imbolc (rain date: Feb 9)

February 2, 2020
10:00 am to 11:00 am


  • Church Grounds
Kathleen Reedy

All are welcome to join us for a Pagan Celtic celebration of the return of light and warmth: Sun, February 2, 10 am between worship services.  Meet up with us at the circle of tree stumps to the right of the main entrance (beyond the fence).

About Imbolc:

Imbolc is the Celtic Pagan celebration of the return of the sun's light, that began at Solstice. It also acknowledges the slow warming that comes with more light. The soil is warmed by the sun, and the seeds in the soil begin to germinate in preparation for growth. The ceremony is celebrated with lighting candles, so the ceremony is often called Candlemas, and dedicated to Brigid, the Goddess of Fire and Inspiration. Therefore, we will focus on the inspiration and creativity we wish to manifest in the coming season.