paint brushes with white paint on the tips against a white background

Pop Up Paint Party!

August 11, 2018: 9 - 5 pm / August 12: 11 - 5 pm


  • Lower Level
Ashley Del Sole

As we get ready for the upcoming Religious Education (RE) Year, we want to take advantage of the building closure and continue to brighten up the space for our RE classes by painting the cabinets. Please plan to join us for as much time as you're able, in order to help the process move along. Many hands make light work! 

Even if you aren't a painter, we can certainly put you to work with cleaning, taping, etc. so don't hesitate to jump in! If you have a particular area of interest please indicate it in the Comments.

Please be aware that because of the closure, the AC will not be fully on, so it may get warm. We will have some fans, but please bring one, along with with painting supplies if you have it.

Snacks and pizza lunch will be provided!