sign for Rock Creek Park in Maryland

Rock Creek Clean-Up (new rain date: Oct 27)

October 27, 2019
10:00 am to 2:00 pm


  • Offsite
Chris Graham

Join us for our bi-annual Rock Creek Clean-Up organized by Cedar Lane UU Church, with support from Montgomery County Parks and the Rock Creek Conservancy.  We'll have an organic lunch at the church for all participants to enjoy from 12 to 1 pm.  This is a family-friendly event!  Stay for as little or as long as you like.

Helpful Info:

  • Wear old shoes or rubber boots!
  • Come to the orange Prius in the lower level Cedar Lane parking lot for gloves/bags provided by the Montgomery Co. Parks & Planning Dept. 
  • Clean-up area: Rock Creek near the church from Connecticut Ave. to Cedar Lane on both sides of the creek. 
  • Separate recyclables from trash. Use clear bags for recyclables, orange for trash.
  • Disposing of trash after the cleanup: Bottles, cans, etc. should be emptied of water or dirt if you can, to avoid overloading trash bags. Full trash bags and other items should be left clustered on Beach Drive. They will be picked up the day after the clean up.
  • Student Service Learning (SSL) hours can be earned by middle and high school kids. Bring forms with you!

Safety Suggestions:

  • Wearing boots, or closed, sturdy shoes and long pants is encouraged. 
  • Children should be within eyesight of a designated adult at all times! 
  • Children should not enter the water, climb trees or limbs over the water, or cross the creek without adult consent. Participants should be aware that, in Rock Creek, deep areas can be immediately adjacent to shallow areas, and undercut banks can create deep areas immediately adjacent to shore.
  • Be careful with dangerous and heavy items.
  • Dangerous objects should be handled with care under adult supervision, or not disturbed. These include: rusty, sharp metal objects; broken glass; and other potentially dangerous items, for example, containers under pressure, or unknown mechanical or electrical items.
  • Very heavy items, or items significantly embedded in the ground or stream bank, should not be moved. Removal of such items can be very difficult and can also result in substantial erosion after rainfall.
  • Parents and teachers: Beforehand talk to children about the importance of informing an adult of any dangerous or unusual things that they find during this activity.