Spiritual Practices Classes

7 - 9 pm, Thursdays, Dec 5 - 19, 2019


  • LL 5-6
Tim Atkins

The first week of class has been pushed back to Dec 12 due to Tim Atkins being under the weather last week. We will still have class on the 19th. We will talk on the 12th about the calendar for the course and whether we want to combine weeks or schedule an additional session.


Always wanted to learn more about spiritual practices? Think you need one but haven’t found the right fit yet? This is the class for you. Spiritual Practice is a three week series on the Faith Forward Path that helps participants develop regular disciplines of the spirit – practices that help us connect with the sacred. Spiritual Practice affirms religious diversity while seeking unity in our communal quest for meaning and wholeness. Each session offers a forum for learning, sharing, and growth that can enrich our personal faith journeys. Everyone is welcome to attend. These courses are primarily aimed for folks wanting to learn about and try new spiritual practices, but experienced practitioners will likely find new energy and commitment! Registration required due to limited space, but there is no fee for the course. Folks are encouraged to attend each of the three sessions.

  • December 5 – Defining Spiritual Practice, Finding Your Spiritual Practice
  • December 12 – Keeping Sabbath, Retreat
  • December 19 – Prayer, Meditation

We will have an additional three week set of spiritual practice workshops to come during the Springtime with new spiritual practices to learn about. Look for more info early in 2020!