light tall candles close together in a black background

Vespers Evening Worship

Second Wednesdays from 6:45PM to 7:15PM


  • Chapel

This year, Cedar Lane will offer Vespers in the Chapel on the second Wednesday of the month. It’s a unique opportunity to enter into a different kind of worship service and a different kind of spiritual experience. Drawing on monastic practices from multiple traditions, Vespers offers us the chance to go deeper within, whether we enter the Chapel with joy, sorrow, or unrest on our hearts. 

About our February 14th Valentine Vespers Service: 

Our monthly Vespers Service falls on February 14, offering the perfect excuse for us to relax into a deep and meditative experience of love’s riches in this half-hour of music, readings, and shared silence. Join Intern Minister Norman Allen and vocalist Jenny Lynn Moyer in the Chapel from 6:45-7:15 pm.