Families at Cedar Lane

Where do I take my kids Sunday morning?

Most weeks our students begin the morning in their classes while their parents begin in worship. Sometimes we have Multigenerational Services where all ages worship together, and once a month, typically on the Third Sunday of the month, children begin in the service and then head to their classrooms. When you arrive, head downstairs and check in with the RE Welcoming Table outside lower level rooms 1 and 2. Our greeters will welcome you, take your information, and show you to your child’s classrooms and introduce them to their teachers.

Where do I pick up my kids after class?

After each service, we offer a chapel service. After the 9am classes, we offer a Children’s Chapel. After the 11am classes, we offer a Teen Chapel. These Chapels run 15-20 minutes long, and are an age-appropriate worship service that connects with our monthly theme and the adult worship service. Parents are welcome to attend these chapels with their children and youth! Once Chapel is finished, teachers take their children back to their classrooms, where you can pick up your children.

How do we register for classes?

We charge no registration fees, although for outside Sunday morning social events, there might be associated costs (although no one is ever turned away for lack of ability pay.) We do ask for families to fill out a registration form after they’ve attended for a couple of weeks – we want to make sure we’re aware of your contact info, any important medical or allergy info, etc., so our team of teachers can best serve your children.

What are my kids going to learn?

Our guiding philosophy is that we want to help our children develop their own spiritual beliefs, not tell them what we think they should believe. How we accomplish this varies at different ages – learn more about our Curriculum.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Religious Education, Tim Atkins, at takins@cedarlane.org.