photo of all of the clergy and leaders at the Interfaith Love Over Hate Rally in August 2017
Multicultural, Pluralistic Spirituality
DC Labor Chorus at the Cedar Lane Love Over Hate Interfaith Rally
Multicultural, Pluralistic Spirituality
Multicultural, Pluralistic Spirituality

At Cedar Lane, we are committed to building the Beloved Community by striving to have our congregation fully include people of all ages, physical abilities, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, national origins, spiritual beliefs, and economic circumstances. We see worship and lifespan religious education as both a rehearsal for and manifestation of the beloved community as envisioned by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Spirit Experience

The Spirit Experience is a multicultural, interfaith gathering to celebrate and share the collective breath of life, love, faith, and diversity. Each Spirit Experience features poetry, music, and movement presented by artists and speakers from the DC area and from around the country. It blends together a faith and cultural tapestry which celebrates the beauty and oneness of the human journey. 
Holi Celebration outside of Cedar Lane main building in Spring 2017
photo from a class about world festivals
Theological pluralism is an important commitment of our liberal religious tradition. This pluralism is an outcome of our commitment to free religious inquiry and our openness to insight from many sources. At its best, it is mutually enriching and helps create an atmosphere of welcome and acceptance. Our lifespan religious education ministry seeks to embody this commitment. As a faith committed to pluralism, we believe we can empower the collective religious and spiritual community in bringing the power for good found within religion and spirituality to bear on the challenges and opportunities of the larger community.
ministers leaving stage at the close of worship on Sunday
Cedar Lane is nestled in Montgomery County, a majority minority community and one of the most ethno-racially diverse places in America. Cedar Lane recognizes diversity as a way to enrich, deepen, and strengthen our Unitarian Universalist roots.
Group shot of Cedar Lane's ministers: Rev. Archene Turner, Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, and Rev. Katie Romano Griffin
Cedar Lane's ministers bring with them their diverse spiritual identities and backgrounds. Our Senior Minister, Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, is a UU-Hindu, flavored by the Islamic heritage of his father, as well as Buddhist spiritual practice, and the study and exploration of other world religious traditions. Our Assistant Minister, Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, grew up in Catholic and Episcopal churches, but migrated to Earth-Based Spirituality for decades before eventually settling on Unitarian Universalism as her faith. Our Community Minister, Rev. Archene Turner, is a religious humanist who has been heavily influenced by the concept of “creative interchange,” which operates when people can interact and appreciatively understand each another’s perspectives and creatively integrate those perspectives in a way that transforms their own mind and behavior. Just as our ministers bring their own diverse spiritual identities, we welcome yours, and hope you will share it with our community!