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General News

Position Title: Executive Director

Reports To: Senior Minister

Location: Bethesda, MD (onsite)

Full-time, Exempt Position

Start Date: July 1, 2018

Cedar lane windows in the sanctuary
Board of Trustees

Board Matters: Summary of the March 27, 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting

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snowy trees outside Cedar Lane UU Church in winter
Staff Policies

The safety of CLUUC congregants and is of utmost importance. Worship services, RE and other activities will be cancelled if it is determined that conditions are unsafe for travel.

Cedar lane windows in the sanctuary
Staff Policies

The Vestibule is used to highlight, in an aesthetically-pleasing way, Cedar Lane and the work of Cedar Lane ministry teams. Purpose should always be considered before a proposed display is submitted or scheduled.

stained glass chalice art hanging in the Library window at Cedar Lane
Staff Policies

In the interest of maintaining an attractive and welcoming entry for members and the public to CLUUC and avoiding distracting visual clutter, the Director of Communications & Membership Engagement and/or the Executive Director is charged with the responsibility

Cedar Lane building in summer time
Staff Policies

This procedure is intended to assure that annual appropriations from the Endowment Fund are spent wisely to preserve Cedar Lane’s buildings and grounds and to further the mission of the church.

candles burning
Staff Policies

In order to control solicitations of our members for their time and resources, guidelines for the types of requests and frequency have been established.

the Memory wall outside of the Chalice House during autumn
Staff Policies

A Cedar Lane minister may receive cremated remains from anyone wishing to have ashes scattered on church grounds.

Classroom 5-6 downstairs with tables and chairs and chalkboard
Staff Policies

Consideration is given to the order requests are received, the availability of the space requested, staffing availability, and what other space requests the Team or Committee has requested within a given month.

view of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary with rows of empty chairs
Staff Policies

All users are required to complete a contract with the CLUUC office to reserve use of any facility on the campus, even where fees for such use may not be charged.