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Auction Proceeds Announcement

November 30, 2017

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, talent, and/or financial support to the 2017 Falling for Cedar Lane Auction.  We are happy to announce that our gross proceeds were $44,500. 

I especially want to acknowledge the fantastic Auction Team, which I have the pleasure of chairing.  It's important to remember that the chair gets a lot of recognition, but the members do all the work.  This year's team included Brian Belanger, Betty May Cleary, Lisa Chernikoff, Herma Dupre, Kate Harrison, Cathy Knapper, Michael Lentz, Carrie Meyer, Mary Beth Nowinski, Lyn Peters, Virginia Rehbehn, Jack Rodgers, Judy Rodgers, Dianne Seiffert, Bob Sheldon, Lesley Vossen, and Sue Woodruff.  We were supported particularly by staff members Sara Deshler, Sara Davidson, and Carolyn Morrissey.  Please let them know how much you appreciate their efforts when you see them. 

- Kathie Bryant, Auction Chair