• Board of Trustees

Board Matters

October 26, 2017

This Sunday, October 29, the congregation will vote on two important issues that were addressed during October's Board meetings: the decision to conduct a capital campaign and endorsement of a Covenant on Right Relations.

Capital Campaign!

The Board received and approved the Capital Assets Planning Committee's (CAPC) recommendation to conduct a capital campaign to raise $7 million to directly support our fourth Strategic Direction to 'Transform our spaces to better nurture community.'The Board's approval is not the final step in this important decision. The final decision is in the hands of the congregation as a whole.

The feasibility study focus groups drew opinions and insights from nearly 200 attendees. Based on what was learned, the CAPC explained that there is agreement that our facilities are ready for significant improvements and that a portion of the funds raised should be dedicated to our mission.

Covenant of Right Relations

The Board again affirmed its support of the language and purpose of the proposed Covenant of Right Relations. The Covenant will be presented for the congregation's endorsement at the October 29 congregational meeting. If endorsed, a process for honoring and living the Covenant will be created.  

Due to the significance of both these matters, the Board agreed that a 75% majority of the quorum present at Sunday's congregational meeting is required for both the decision to conduct a capital campaign and to endorse the Covenant of Right Relations.

Religious Education Update

Our new Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Tim Atkins, joined his first Board of Trustees meeting. Tim presented a thoughtful and thorough overview of the breadth of work that lies ahead to lift up the work of religious education at Cedar Lane. Care of our young children, and support for the youth program, for our RE teachers, and for adult education are all at the top of Tim's agenda. The future possibilities for the Sunday Forum are also under consideration.