• Board of Trustees

Board Meeting May 2018 Summary

June 19, 2018

Building an Annual Budget, Together

In May, the Senior Staff prepared and presented the church budget for 2018-19. Working in the belief that the congregation pledges would be at least the same as the previous year, there were still difficult decisions to make. The Board asked the staff to prepare a budget that would maintain sound operations, address the priorities set by the Board, while continuing to reduce our deficit.

The congregation approved the proposed budget, which includes a 10% cut to all programs and closing the campus for two weeks in August to reduce expenses (staff would still work). The cuts also include reducing our contribution to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), thus losing our designation as a Fair Share Congregation. The Board heard the congregation’s expressed desire that should more funds be available, that they be directed to restoring the full contribution to the UUA.

Our main source of income is annual pledges. We encourage all members and friends to make their pledge soon and share in helping to carry our mission and vision forward.

Capital Campaign Hits $3 Million!

We were happy, thrilled, and over the moon! We have broken the $3 million mark in the Capital Campaign! The Stewardship and Capital Campaign committees continue to find joy and value in meeting with our members and friends. Though the Capital Campaign runs through June, we join the committees in urging our friends and members to make their pledge soon and be part of hitting the next million-dollar mark!

Oppressive Systems

The Board dedicated a significant part of our summer retreat to learn about unconscious bias. We are learning that though we aspire to embrace people of color, there are long-established systems in place at our own Cedar Lane that are barriers to respecting diversity and demonstrate biases that do not represent our words of love, respect, and a welcome place for all. The Board is committed to addressing oppressive systems throughout the coming year.

Hats Off To… and Unsung Heroes

If you are a regular reader of our eNews (and we hope you are!), you’ve seen that our virtual hats are regularly tipped to the fabulous volunteers that get church done! From special occasions to flooded classrooms, there’s plenty to do at Cedar Lane. And as we all know, “Many hands make light work!” The annual Unsung Hero award is being set aside for now as we continue to recognize the many who step forward.

All Are Welcome

Board meetings are normally held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm and are open to all Cedar Lane members. To request time on the agenda or learn more about a current topic of Board discussion, email Board President Jim Anderson at boardchair@cedarlane.org or leave him a note in the church office.