• Board of Trustees

Cedar Lane Approves a Capital Campaign & Covenant of Right Relations

November 10, 2017

Dear Cedar Lane members and friends,

Thank you to everyone who attended the special congregational meeting on October 29th. We practiced our democratic values by holding a spirited debate and then voting to conduct a capital campaign and to endorse a congregational covenant of right relations.

Cedar Lane Will Conduct a Capital Campaign

Nearly 80% of those present voted to conduct a capital campaign with a goal of raising $7 million, of which, $5.5 million will be devoted to building renovation and associated costs, 15% of the total raised will be allocated to strategic initiatives to advance Vision 2020, and any remaining funds will begin replenishing our endowment.  

The Board is working with staff to form a campaign steering committee.  The pre-campaign stage began this week and will continue through February of next year. Mel Kalagian from James D. Klote Associates will be onsite as our campaign coordinator throughout the remainder of the church year. Formal kickoff of the campaign will be in late February or early March, 2018.

Once the campaign is over and we know how much we have raised and what our renovation budget will be, the Board will re-engage with the architects to begin work on designs that will fit our budget. The concepts developed last summer to support the capital campaign decision suggest that the target $5.5 million will enable dramatic improvement and will address many long-standing issues with our building.

The Congregation Has Endorsed a Covenant of Right Relations

More than 90% of those present voted to endorse the proposed Covenant of Right Relations. The covenant is an aspirational promise that we all make to one another about how we intend to interact and relate with one another. The Board of Trustees will begin work in the coming months to develop the policies and processes to support the covenant, but the covenant itself is something that we can all begin working toward today. The full text of the Covenant of Right Relations can be found here.

If you have any questions about either of these items, please get in touch with one of the trustees or with me directly at boardchair@cedarlane.org. Thank you again for your support of these important steps to keep Cedar Lane moving toward our Vision and for all the work you do to make Cedar Lane the supportive community that we all rely on.

Jim Anderson
President, Cedar Lane Board of Trustees