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Composting at Cedar Lane!

October 18, 2017

In a few weeks we will receive a donation of a great 3 box composting system from an Eagle Scout in Montgomery County who build it. Brenda Platt, from the Institute of Local Self Reliance will advise us and teach us how to use it. We will increase our composting capability significantly and can accept members food scraps from home. See this information on how composting impacts our communities positively: https://ilsr.org/compost-impacts/ .

In our kitchens at Cedar Lane you can find green composting containers (2 gallons). They are lined with compostable bags. When you have filled them (please remember to close the lid to prevent odor) or you can take it to the black composting tumbler outside of the door to the teacher's parking lot. The new location for the 3 boxes will be announced when the bins are installed. This is how they look: http://www.urbanfarmplans.com/portfolio/compost-knox/ .