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Heads up on a few things happening this Easter weekend

April 9, 2020

Holding you all in our thoughts this Holy Week.  Passover has begun and Easter preparations are also underway as we navigate these strange and stenuous times we find ourselves in.  We hope you will join us for this week's service so that we may celebrate, process and deepen our spirituality together.  Please also know that your ministers and pastoral visitors are available if you would like extra support this week. 

We have a few other updates to pass along as well...

What's up in Montgomery County

Montgomery County is doing an ask for PPE for healthcare providers. If you can help, please check out their ask.

If you are looking for resources available in Montgomery County, click here.

Phishing Scams

Please be aware that "phishing" scams are rampant right now. Several UU congregations across the country have been targeted.  So be on the alert.

If you received an email allegedly from Abhi saying "I need a favor from you, many blessings,"  or asking you to buy gift cards or wire money or make some other financial arrangement, do NOT respond to these emails! Abhi will never email you asking for a favor or urgent financial help or gift cards because of being in a tight spot.  Any legitimate email from Abhi should come from a Cedar Lane address (ajanamanchi@cedarlane.org) or gmail address (revabhip@gmail.com). Any other address is fake. We are well aware of these phishing scams, so you do not need to let us know about them. Simply delete the emails.  Sorry for any alarm or inconvenience if you have received one of these scam emails.

Your Love Works

In conversations (virtual and real) with members these past weeks, many have spoken of Cedar Lane’s presence in their lives – especially when we cannot gather.  Many members are not only caring for family members but reaching out to help others – phoning to check up on fellow Cedar Laners, helping with groceries, medicines, teaching others how to use Zoom or Face Time.

Many of you have inquired how you can support Cedar Lane in this time. Because of the continued uncertainty, we ask that – as you are able – please continue your current automatic/online/mail-in pledges. These pledges remain an important source of income for Cedar Lane.

As you know, we are in the midst of our annual pledge drive.  While we recognize that many are affected by the financial crisis, we hope you will consider some level of pledging, even if your pledge needs to be smaller.  

Your generous support will help:

  • Create and share meaningful and inspiring worship on Sunday mornings, especially as we gather digitally.
  • Nurture and support the spiritual lives of our children, youth, adults, and families.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for meaningful connection and support in this time of physical distancing.
  • Continue our efforts to build a more just world, including our sanctuary ministry, immigrant justice, environmental justice, affordable housing, racial justice, and more.

You can renew your pledge online at Pledge Form. For info on how to make a pledge online or by text or check, please go to www.cedarlane.org/give.

Thank you for your commitment and generous support for Cedar Lane – especially in these challenging times!

Census 2020

Please complete the census form if you haven't done so yet.  You can complete the census from your home--online, over the phone, or by mail. How can you make an impact in your community while practicing responsible physical distancing? Start by taking the #CensusChallenge! Complete your census forms and challenge five friends to #BeCounted. #Census2020 will determine how hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in our communities for the next 10 years. Every person counted in our community affects how much money is spent on local schools, hospitals, and roads.  To date, 43.8% of Montgomery County residents have filled out the Census form that puts MoCo in 3rd place in MD.  Go to 2020census.gov and #BeCounted.