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The New Website is Up!

October 27, 2017

As some of you may have noticed, the new website is up!

Work began in September of last year, and the website’s production has been a very difficult, but rewarding experience. The goal of the new website has been to create a site to show (not just tell) potential visitors about our church and faith, with a secondary goal to provide an information hub for our current members. I have been working with a small web development team out of Boston, Theory One Design, who specializes in creating websites for liberal faiths. As an important aside, they have been truly lovely, smart, encouraging people to work with. Anyway, the process for the new site was been split into four phases: 1) discovery, 2) architecture and navigation, 3) design and development, and 4) production, training, and testing.

The discovery phase, which took up most of fall 2016, was an information-gathering process meant to dig deep into the details of the specific goals for the new website, the messages to be conveyed on the new website, the current website and its usage, the information needs of Cedar Lane’s audiences, the aesthetic goals for the new website, and the exact functionality desired for the new site. This was a lengthy phase that involved regular check-ins with staff, Mary Means (chair of the Vision 2020 Team), and Melissa Reichley, Communications Coordinator of the Board of Trustees.

The second phase of architecture and navigation involved developing a new site map and information architecture system for the new website. This process spanned from December through January, and blurred into the third phase of design and development – that is the look and feel for the homepage and subpages. This phase wrapped up in April 2017.

Phase four - production, training, and testing - involved the building of the site, training of staff (Sara Deshler, Ashley Del Sole, and myself) on how to use the site, creation and uploading of content (big thanks to staff and lay leaders for writing content!), placement of photos, and reporting and troubleshooting bugs as they arose.

While the site is now live, and the project is over, in a sense, it is never really over, and I will be working over the next month to make various adjustments as needed – content-wise, structure-wise, feature-wise, etc. I already have a list of a few items to iron out.

So, I hope you will like what you see and feel a sense of joy and pride in the church you are a part of! I hope this site better embodies the joy and relational qualities of Cedar Lane, and that the flow and layout is sensible.


Sara Davidson
Director of Communications