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Renovation Committee Adding Members

January 4, 2019

Now that the Capital Campaign is winding down its first phase, we are ready to move ahead with our architects to further develop plans for renovations of our building! The Capital Assets Planning Committee, charged with overseeing these plans, has been renamed the Renovation Committee (RC). This month, we expect to resume our work, and we are seeking to recruit two additional Cedar Laners to join our team for this project.  

The Board of Trustees has charged the committee with oversight of the design, planning and construction process, conducting outreach to the congregation throughout, and assuring that this major project is on schedule and cost conscious. The RC will be meeting at least monthly on a schedule to be determined with the architects and geared to the pace of the project. Meetings could be as frequently as every two weeks during intense periods in 2019. 

Who We are Looking for to Join Our Team

In particular, the Renovation Committee is interested in persons who bring an inquiring outlook and flexible approach to problem solving. Persons with experience in working with architects, general contractors, designers, or engineers, or who are skilled facilitators interested in congregational outreach are encouraged to be in touch with co-chairs Maryann Dillon and Mary Means: maryann.dillon@outlook.commmeans@marymeans.com.