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Soul Matters Group Signups

December 6, 2018

Our Soul Matters small group program for the 2019 calendar year has re-launched!  This year we have ten total groups, with three groups having a specific focus.  Registration is now open.

What are Soul Matters groups?

Soul Matters Groups are small groups of 10-15 Cedar Laners who meet once a month (usually at the Church) for a small group discussion about the monthly theme.  It is a chance for you to make an intentional, year-long commitment to get to know another group of Cedar Laners on a deep level while you explore your own spirituality deeper.  Our DRE Tim likes to call these groups “Bible Study without the Bible.”

Why should I join one?

There is no better way to get to know a small group of your fellow Cedar Laners on a deep level.  In a large church such as ours, this is often the best way to form those deep connections many are searching for.  This is also one of the best ways to go deeper with our monthly worship themes.  If you’ve never tried a small group before at Cedar Lane, we strongly strongly encourage you to sign up.  One statistic that might help show how powerful and meaningful these groups are for the participants?  Every single group from last year wants to continue.

Sounds amazing. How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our google form.  Pick what time works well for you (and if more than one works, please give us your second choice – we will likely need to ask some people to switch to their second choice to keep groups in the 10-15 person range.)

We have seven groups open to all, most of which are weekday evenings.  There are three special groups for certain communities within Cedar Lane.  We have a group just for young adults (people who identify as being under 40.)  We have a group for the LGBTQ+ community (Rainbow Group - inclusive of all genders and orientations.)  And we have a group just for parents of young children (once a month during the 11am service, with childcare.)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Tim at tatkins@cedarlane.org.