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Statement of Montgomery County Council President Nancy Navarro Regarding Cedar Lane's Sanctuary Guest

December 12, 2018

Multifaith Vigil and Press Conference: Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church and DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network

Our County Council is on record supporting “The Montgomery County Way.”  We are a welcoming county, one that protects the most vulnerable among us.

Federal government’s draconian immigration policies are in stark contrast to the values of what Montgomery County stands for, as they seek to divide families and communities instead of bringing them together. This is why we passed a resolution in late 2017 urging the federal government to legislate a pathway to permanent residency for TPS holders and DACA beneficiaries, and help these individuals who are a part of this community remain in the place they call home peacefully.

Earlier this year, the Council also approved a special appropriation to create a legal defense fund for immigrants who reside in the County and are facing deportation. The Council will continue their support for our residents who have been unfairly targeted by these federal policies. I appreciate the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church’s decision to open their doors to assist this family, bringing their vision of building a more just world into action.”