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The Sunday Flood & Updates on Water Damage

February 20, 2020

The Board of Trustees would like to salute our amazing can-do staff for the way they handled the flood, caused by a broken hose on the dishwasher, at church on Sunday morning. Rufo Nasol, our new Facilities Technician, arrived early and immediately noticed water all over the Sanctuary floor. He called José Morant, our Facilities Manager, who grabbed his wet/dry vac and jumped in his car. When Facilities Technician Noah Albayaty arrived, he pitched in. Jen Morley, Executive Director, and Clare Jacocks, Administrative Coordinator, came in too– on their day off -- and got to work. Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, Associate Minister, Tim Atkins, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, and Henry Sgrecci, Music Director, joined in. They had help from Babzz, the Worship Associate, and Mike Morse from AV. (Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, our Senior Minister, was away.) It was all hands on deck. They filled more than eight trash barrels with water, mopped the floor, cleaned chairs; they did what needed to be done. They did it together and they did it quickly. And the 9am service started on time. Wow! Thank you Cedar Lane staff for serving us so well every day, but especially last Sunday.

Water also entered several rooms downstairs. Please note that some are either not available (1-2, 30-31) or have limited availability (32-35, 28-29) while the rooms are dried and repairs made. We are working with a water mitigation company as well as our insurance company to get the facility back to full capacity as soon as possible. In the meantime, Clare will be in touch with you if your meeting/event needs to be moved.

Update, as of Feb 27, 2020:

The Board of Trustees is grateful for the continuing efforts of the staff to handle and recover from the water damage from the flooding on February 15th/16th. The remediation work is well underway. Except for Rooms 1 - 2 and 30 – 3, affected areas are back in service. We expect those rooms to be out of service for about a month before being available. In the meantime, Clare will be in touch with you if your meeting/event needs to be moved from those rooms.