headshot of Youth Coordinator Tiffany Lewis smiling at camera
Youth Coordinator


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Tiffany Lewis is a native of Jamaica, West Indies. But spent the majority of her life in New York City where she grew up and eventually worked in education and child-oriented; music and art-based facilities. She received an AS in Math and Science, in addition to a BA in Sociology from Brooklyn College. She is currently a Speech and Hearing Pathology Graduate student. Tiffany developed a strong sense of community and youth-empowerment through informal academic and domestic roles nearly 10 years ago, that she takes great pride in. This experience gave her a deep appreciation for programs--outlets that promote youth-wellness. She looks forward to guiding Cedar-Lane youths into good service, leadership and transparent fellowship. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys performing in open-mics, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, yoga, reading various books and watching historical documentaries. Ultimately, fortunately for her, working with children is a long-term and fulfilling position that she plans on making productive strides in slowly but surely. Her continuous aim is to develop young leaders as well as, create meaningful and seasoned event experiences!