headshot of childcare coordinator at Cedar Lane, young adult Stephanie Williams
Childcare Coordinator


Hello! My name is Stephanie Williams and I am glad you found your way here! I am the Child Care Coordinator for Cedar Lane, which means I am in charge of planning childcare for all of the wonderful events we have here! I started coming to Cedar Lane over 10 years ago when I was in elementary school and have been an active member ever since. After graduating from the RE program, I wanted to find a way to be more involved in the church than just attending services. Starting as a teen assistant to the RE teachers and babysitting at events, I eventually worked up to teaching my own class in the Religious Education program, volunteering as a Worship Associate, and taking on the role of Childcare Coordinator.

Outside of the church, I work as a Physic Education Researcher at the University of Maryland, studying how online spaces impact STEM learning. I also work as a Physical Science Educator on Saturdays for the Carnegie Academy for Science Education in DC.

Cedar Lane has been a loving constant in my life as I have developed as a person, and my goal in this position is to foster the same loving supportive environment Cedar Lane gave me.

I hope you find yourself coming to Cedar Lane soon, I may be watching your children during childcare!