headshot of childcare coordinator at Cedar Lane, young adult Stephanie Williams
Childcare Coordinator


Hello! My name is Stephanie Williams and I am glad you found your way here! I am the Child Care coordinator for Cedar Lane, which means I am in charge of planning childcare for all of the wonderful events we have planned here! I started coming to Cedar Lane over 10 years ago when I was in elementary school and have been an active member ever since. After graduating from the RE program, I wanted to help more and be involved in the church. So I started as a teen assistant to the RE teachers and babysitting at events. Within a few years, I began teaching my own class in the RE program, and have taken to the role of childcare coordinator. I also work as a Worship associate on the church, helping to plan and organize the services. 

Outside of the church, I am a student at the University of Maryland working on a degree in astrophysics. I volunteer with the Society of Physics students there and the Physics MakerSpace, as well as participating in organizations working to increase diversity in STEM. Being able to blend theology and scientific understand ing is a huge part of my belief system, and part of why I love Cedar Lane is that allows me to do so. 

Cedar Lane has been a loving constant in my life as I have grown and developed and changed as a person, and my goal in this position is to create and sustain the same loving supportive environment Cedar Lane gave me which helped me to flourish. 

I hope you find yourself coming to Cedar Lane soon, I may be watching your children during childcare!