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Associate Minister


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Greetings and welcome to Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church! We are the place where love truly works.

I am the Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, and I have the pleasure of serving as Cedar Lane’s Associate Minister. I am the mother of two young adults and have been married to my husband Sean since 2011. When I am not serving the congregation or spending time with my family, I volunteer as a military chaplain with the Civil Air Patrol, I love to cook, read, work with essential oils and I regularly practice jiu jitsu training and yoga. My hobbies sometimes make their way into sermons (and gift baskets at the auction!).

I hail from a very loving, incredibly boisterous, multiracial family. One of my grandparents came to the US from Argentina, and while I identify culturally as Latina and Italian, genetically I am actually what comedian Cecily Strong once called, “a mash-up of everyone on brochures.” My mother’s family spoke Spanish, Italian and English mostly at the same time. The result is that I speak some Spanish, and a tiny bit of Italian.

My family taught me that everything in life is based on good relationships and this truth is at the core of my ministry. My early life certainly “hard wired me” to enjoy big crowds as much as precious one-to-one time. I enjoy getting to know people, supporting them, and connecting them with others.

I also credit my family with teaching me about the power of covenant, how to be strong in the face of adversity, and how to see the holy in all things, even when I have to dig for it. I endeavor to not only practice these skills, but also share them through story and prayer.

Prior to joining the Cedar Lane ministry team, I had a rich career as a nurse, and later as the co-owner of a marketing and public relations company. I have a background in coaching and hypnosis, too. Crafting our monthly video meditations is a passion of mine.

I was a Lay Campus Minister prior to entering seminary and I served as an intern in two UU congregations. I volunteered as a Chaplain at Naples Community Hospital and with the Lee County Emergency Services Spiritual Care Team. I have specialized training in Trauma Chaplaincy and am a member of our Unitarian Universalist Trauma Ministry. I have worked with the Sophia Lyon Fahs Educational Collaborative in developing multi-faith, multicultural curriculum, too, and am a co-author of the book, Class Action: The Struggle with Classism in Unitarian Universalism, and I have had a few pieces published by Braver/Wiser and Worship Web.

My ministry is informed by my love of family, education, and chaplaincy. If you’d like to know a little more about my spiritual background, check out a post I wrote for our multicultural blog.

At Cedar Lane, I focus primarily on Congregational Life. I collaborate with Rev. Abhi on all ministry work. My main focus areas include engaging with our Pastoral Visitors Team, Director of Membership and Community Engagement, Ministry Team Leaders and Social Justice team on doing deep work that engages multicultural, multigenerational cohorts of people. I also serve as a member of our Worship Team in crafting a variety of meaningful worship experiences. I meet with all new members, and all members who feel as though they would like to be more deeply connected to the Cedar Lane.

My greatest hope is that every time you come through the doors, you know you are in a place where you are a precious being, essential to the world and part of the interconnected web of all existence. I would love to help you get connected with some of the great people in the congregation and also connect you with an area that interests you. Church is a place to enhance old skills, develop new gifts and talents, and learn to thrive throughout life.

You will notice that I sign all of my emails, “Believing in you.” This is part of my spiritual practice and focus in ministry. As a Universalist at heart, when I send you a communication, know that I am also holding you in the highest regard and aspiring to reach that part in all of us that is the “divine spark” which seeks to do justice and create more love in the world.

I so look forward to connecting. Until then...

Believing in you,

Rev. Katie

To schedule an appointment visit with Rev. Katie, please view her calendar: www.calendly.com/revkrg.