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We believe in the power of lifelong learning. Our beliefs are always evolving based off our experiences and exposure to new ideas and new practices. We don’ t tell you what you should believe – we want to support you as you discover your own spiritual path.

Click here to view our special virtual POWER HOUR programming, occurring throughout the COVID-19 crisis.   

Our post crisis programming can be found if you View our 2019-2020 Relgious Education calendar.

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Foundational Principles

At Cedar Lane we grow in our understanding of spiritual development at all life stages. Parents come to Cedar Lane from many different faith upbringings, knowing the importance of being part of a community where deeds are more important than creeds, where each and every person is valued no matter who they love, or where they are from. We welcome multiracial and multifaith families. Older adults and empty nesters are engaged throughout the Cedar Lane community, participating in educational programs, social justice projects, and a range of activities that range from pancake suppers to field trips to coffee houses and interfaith explorations. 

Cedar Lane offers a curriculum-based pre-K through Grade 12 program for children and adult education classes for members and inquiring friends. The 7 Unitarian Universalist principles and the sources of our faith are the foundations of student learning.

What To Expect

You should expect opportunities for you and your family to grow their faith by exploring the eternal, nurturing community, and building a more just world. We offer opportunities across the lifespan for learners of all ages to come together and explore their beliefs in community.

You should expect to be nourished while your beliefs are challenged, developed, and grown. We believe in the freedom to explore your beliefs, but in a responsible search. We believe in the power of learning through community, where all on their own unique spiritual journey.

True spiritual development and learning can’t happen in a vacuum where you are only surrounded by people of your same age, same background, and same beliefs. You should expect opportunities to share wisdom from across generations and across cultural barriers.

You should expect to be embraced for who you are while you explore what you can become. We strive to create communities of caring in our religious education classrooms, for students of all ages. Our classrooms use a wide range of different activities to appeal to different learning styles – we want to meet each person where they are and in how they learn best.

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While we certainly know that you will want to come and check us out before deciding whether we’re the right fit for your family, we encourage you to register your kids for Religious Education classes as soon as you’ve decided to become part of our program. We require that you register after the third visit, so that your child’s important health and safety, emergency contact, and other relevant information is on file, as well as having your email added to important class-specific communications.

There is no fee for registration, but we encourage you to make a pledge to help support the work of the program, which is largely volunteer run.

To register, please fill out the Registration Form below. You will be asked to sign off that you’ve seen and understand the Code of Conduct, the Child Protection and Safety and Youth Contract (for grades 6+). You can email the registration form as an attachment to or print it and mail it to Cedar Lane UU Church, 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814, Attn: Religious Education.

We do not require that you re-register each year; we assume you are returning unless we hear otherwise. We do, however, require that you confirm or update your information on file each year.

We look forward to having you and your family as part of our Religious Education program! If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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We strive to provide nurturing, cooperative environments that offer a first introduction to Cedar Lane as a safe, caring environment. Children are invited to play and learn as well as to begin to develop lifelong friendships with our other youngest UUs. Our four-year-old curriculum will begin to nurture your child's spiritual growth, aim to help develop a sense of community, and introduce the concept of simple rituals.
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Each class focuses on very different aspects of our spirituality - from learning about our Soul Matters program, to learning about different global festivals and celebrations, to learning how to understand life from different cultural and religious perspectives, our kindergarten through 5th grade classes serve as a solid foundation for a child's introduction to Unitarian Universalism.
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first grade class presentation outside of cedar lane of their end of year project of building craft houses that speak to them
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photo of middle and high school youth groups at Camp Tockwogh 2017
Cedar Lane's Religious Education programming for middle schoolers focuses on helping our youth learn about other religions (6th grade), UU identity (7th grade) and healthy relationships (8th grade OWL). But building friendships outside the classroom is just as important and so that need is met through our Middle School Youth Group (MSYG)! We hike, retreat, eat pizza and watch movies, and all kinds of things - together!
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youth at Camp Tockwogh for a retreat for middle and high school youth at Cedar Lane
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Our high school-aged religious education classes include our Coming of Age class for 9th graders - a chance to explore the beginnings of Unitarian Universalism, articulate personal beliefs, and make connections between the two. Our Senior Seminar (10th - 12th grades) teaches parts of the UU sex-ed senior high curriculum, discuss issues of class, privilege, gender and race, learn about navigating relationships with family, friends, and academics. We also will build UU identity through church membership for youth who are at least 16 years of age.
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Adult Religious Education at Cedar Lane includes a variety of spiritually-based and social justice-minded programs. We have intro classes for newcomers, book and film groups, yoga, tai chi, and meditation classes, speaker series, as well as Soul Circle small group ministry programming and support groups for parents, caregivers, those struggling with addiction, those with chronic illness, and the LGBTQIA+ community.