Soul Circles

Soul Circles, formerly known as Soul Matters Sharing Circles, meet once a month during the calendar year. Each month you have a group discussion around a theme… the same topic being covered in worship that month. Some folks like to think of these groups like “Bible Study Without the Bible.” Each month you receive a packet to ponder over, then meet with your group for a couple hour discussion. This is perhaps the best way to connect with a small group of your fellow Cedar Lane congregants on a spiritual level. Inspiring readings, videos, and reflection questions help Soul Circle participants discover new truths about their lives and explore more profound ways of being authentic and whole.

We have multiple groups and most groups are open to all. (A few groups are specifically designed for an affinity group. For example, the Young Adult Soul Circle is just for folks under 40. We also have a Soul Cirlce for Parents with childcare available.)

Pick what times work best for you! We ask for multiple options as groups are expected to be a size of 10-12, and we might need to give you your second option to make the groups all align in size. We encourage everyone at Cedar Lane to check out one of these Soul Circles for the upcoming year!

Soul Matters 2020 Themes

What Does It Mean to be a People of…
January: Integrity
February: Resilience
March: Wisdom
April: Liberation
May: Thresholds
June: Play


Please reach out to Director of Lifespan Religious Education Tim Atkins at