Hello from Cedar Lane's New Intern Minister

August 28, 2019
  • Dayna Edwards, Intern Minister

Dear Cedar Lane UU Church,

Hi! I am so excited to start my journey with you as your part-time ministerial intern for the next two years. Currently, I am a student at Meadville Theological Seminary beginning my third of four years. While I am new to Cedar Lane, I have lived in the DC area for about twenty years and I have been a religious professional for about eight years. I have attended some events at CLUUC in the past and have been particularly inspired by the work you are doing as a Sanctuary Congregation.

Through the Meadville Lombard teaching model, I have had the pleasure of meeting periodically with Rev. Abhi over the past two years and he acted as a mentor to me while completed my first component of experiential learning as a volunteer at Capital Caring Hospice. Last year, I continued my work with Capital Caring as a volunteer chaplain during my Clinical Pastoral Education unit. I also worked as a religious education consultant at the UU Church of Annapolis and received my religious education credentialing last year, in the same cohort as your DRE, Tim Atkins.

Now, it is time for me to jump into congregational work from a ministerial perspective and I am looking forward to building new relationships with each of you. As you accompany me on this road of ministerial formation, I am eager to learn from you and to share with you some of my learnings from seminary. One of my main take-aways of my first two years of seminary is that we grow when we challenge ourselves and each other to live into our highest ideals. I hope we can challenge each other with love and warmth and kindness.

I am passionate about racial justice and found my call to ministry in a challenge from my brother to help the faith I love live into its vision of Beloved Community. If you want to get to know me a bit before we meet in person feel free to check out the first season of my podcast, TheoPop! at When I am not busy with school work or my internship, you can find me with my three children, my husband, and our dog. We spend a lot of time at the dance studio with our two daughters (13 and 8 years old) and the rest of the time entertaining our soon-to-be three-year-old son.

I will see you on Sunday, September 1, when I will be introduced to the congregation.


Dayna Edwards