headshot of Senior Minister Abhi Janamanchi in Cedar Lane's courtyard
headshot of Katie Romano Griffin in courtyard
head shot of Tim Atkins, Director of Lifespan Religious Education at Cedar Lane, in the courtyard
headshot of Henry Sgrecci, Music Director of Cedar Lane, in courtyard of Cedar Lane
head shot of Norman Allen, Intern Minister, in Cedar Lane's courtyard
Sara Davidson at the Women's March in January 2017 in DC
headshot for Jen Morley, Cedar Lane's Accounting & Office Manager
head shot of Ashley Del Sole in the Cedar Lane courtyard with greenery in the background
head shot of Terry Sloan with polo shirt, leaving on a statue of some sort on vacation a few years ago
head shot of Jim Anderson in a suit and tie - Jim is the Board of Trustees President for Cedar Lane for 2017-18
headshot of Pedro Diaz, Cedar Lane's custodian, in the courtyard
photo of Clare Jacocks, Cedar Lane staff member
headshot of Youth Coordinator Tiffany Lewis smiling at camera
head shot of Jasmin Lee in Cedar Lane courtyard
head shot of Jenny Crane, Cedar Lane member