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Some have suggested that a Sunday service is a journey or pilgrimage in which we are drawn out of our own concerns to join a community in exploration and to feel a renewed connection with the sacred in life. The service may be partly a time of reflection, partly an opportunity to experience a challenge, partly a time to mourn or celebrate, and partly a time to serve Life. At the end of the journey, the individual is alone again, but renewed and inspired to go out into the world.

Each week we gather to worship and be together on Sunday mornings.  Our services are typically geared towards adults.  Children and youth participate in Religious Education classes during worship. During the summer months we offer childcare for children five and under.

January's Worship Theme is Integrity

During the months of September - June, Cedar Lane has a monthly worship theme as determined by our Soul Circles programming. Over 150 Unitarian Universalist congregations participate in this program. Sunday worship services and monthly Soul Circle small group ministry materials center on that month's theme as a way to provide a more intentional and rooted connection to these important themes.


Sermon: "Growing Love"
January 19, 2020
Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

Where is the love?  Every other news story relates to the eco-apocalypse, another war, a bigger wall… How can we create more love within our lives, our congregation and the world if we don’t always feel love or hope?  Together we will explore cultivating a culture of love and hope.

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"Growing Our Faith"
January 26 AT 9AM and 11AM
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

Growth is a big topic in congregational life, not just for Unitarian Universalism but also for most faith communities. And a lot of research and writing has been done about growth. How to grow a congregation – numerically and organically? What makes a healthy congregation? Why should we grow?  We will welcome new members during the service.

"Throwing Out the Playbook: The Hard and Messy Work of Unitarian Universalism"
February 2 AT 9AM and 11AM
Rev. David Miller, Senior Minister, UU Congregation of Fairfax

In an age of anxiety and challenge, who have we been as Unitarian Universalists and who are we now being called to be?

Rev. David A. Miller currently serves as Senior Minister of the UU Congregation of Fairfax (UUCF).   In that role, he is the congregation’s lead minister and is responsible for the programs and staff related to worship, social justice and stewardship.  Before coming to UUCF, Rev. Miller was the settled minister of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship of San Dieguito in Southern California since 2009.  

David was raised Jewish in the greater Chicago area. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Utah and a Master of Divinity from the Claremont School of Theology with an emphasis in social transformation. Before he was called to the ministry, David spent more than 25 years in executive management, strategic planning, marketing, business development and fundraising with private sector and non-profit organizations.  David’s spouse, the Rev. Alice King, is minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun in Leesburg, VA.

“Fragility and Humility”
February 9 AT 9AM and 11AM
Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd, Senior Minister, River Road UU Congregation

One could argue that humility is the opposite of fragility - perhaps it is even the greatest resource for resilience we have.  How is the practice of humility alive in your own spiritual life and in the life of our congregations?

Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd has served as Senior Minister at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation since 2012. Passionate about preaching, liturgy, and social justice, her first commitment is the building of relationships that sustain and challenge us to grow braver in the face of brokenness and loss. Using her background in community organizing, pastoral ministry, and worship design, her goal is to equip colleagues and lay leaders to do the work that is uniquely theirs to do in the congregation and in the world. After finding Unitarian Universalism in her late teens, Nancy has followed her commitment to liberal religion into national and regional leadership in both interfaith and Unitarian Universalist circles. Before coming to RRUUC, Nancy served the Bull Run Unitarian Universalists in Manassas, VA.

Nancy is the author of After the Good News: Progressive Faith Beyond Optimism.  In her book, with humor and humanity, Nancy McDonald Ladd calls religious progressives to greater authenticity and truth-telling rather than mere optimism.

Nancy lives in Bethesda with her husband and two children.

"Money Matters"
February 23 AT 9AM and 11AM
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

What money means to us and how we use it speak to what we truly care about, what matters in our lives. And stumbling along in fear, denial, fantasy, or shame over money only keeps us from the kind of peace and joy that come from living truly, from bringing our values to life. If our money is our precious life energy acting in the world, then it is an extension of our being: our passion, our love, our strength, our hope at work.  How, then, shall we use it, this vessel of our life energy? The service will investigate.