Sanctuary full of people as seen from the balcony
Front color of a Sunday bulletin

Some have suggested that a Sunday service is a journey or pilgrimage in which we are drawn out of our own concerns to join a community in exploration and to feel a renewed connection with the sacred in life. The service may be partly a time of reflection, partly an opportunity to experience a challenge, partly a time to mourn or celebrate, and partly a time to serve Life. At the end of the journey, the individual is alone again, but renewed and inspired to go out into the world.

Each week we gather to worship and be together on Sunday mornings.  Our services are typically geared towards adults.  Children and youth participate in Religious Education classes during worship. During the summer months we offer childcare for children five and under.

November's Worship Theme is Attention

During the months of September - June, Cedar Lane has a monthly worship theme as determined by our Sharing Circles programming.  October's theme is Belonging. Over 150 Unitarian Universalist congregations participate in this program. Sunday worship services and monthly Sharing Circle small group ministry materials center on that month's theme as a way to provide a more intentional and rooted connection to these important themes.


Sermon: "Called to Act on Climate"
November 10, 2019
Nate Hultman & Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

Climate strikes, strong science, and an energized politics are focusing global attention on the urgency of addressing the climate crisis. How do our spiritual values and practice help us discern a way forward in our lives, our community, our country, and world? The service will investigate. We will share the plate with Interfaith Power and Light.


"Abundant Living
November 17 AT 9AM and 11AM
Cedar Lane Board of Trustees & Members

What does our mission call us to be and do? Our UUA President the Rev. Susan Frederick Gray provides a compelling answer: “This is no time for a casual faith.” During this week of furlough for our senior staff team, join the Cedar Lane Board of Trustees and other Cedar Lane members in a service and conversation about what our mission and values call us to be and do in these times.

"An Ethic of Gratitude"
November 24 AT 9AM and 11AM
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

“Gratitude should be at the center of Unitarian Universalist theology,” says the Rev. Galen Guengrich, minister of All Souls church in New York. When we cultivate a discipline of gratitude—that is, integrating into our lives daily rituals that enable us to recognize and name the things for which we are grateful— he says, inevitably “reminds us how utterly dependent we are on the people and the world around us for everything that matters.” And from this recognition of interdependence flows what he calls an “ethic of gratitude” which “demands that we nurture the world that nurtures us in return.”

The services will include a child dedication ceremony. If you would like your child or grandchild dedicated during the service, please contact Ashley DelSole (