photo from the balcony of audience and stage during a Sunday worship service with Rev. Abhi speaking
Rev. Abhi with a bunch of youth following worship service
Rev. Archene Turner during worship sitting down and listening with slight smile
Format: 04/19/2019
Sermon: "From Bondage to Freedom"
April 14, 2019
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

The Passover Seder retells the ancient story of the Exodus, the quintessential immigration story. Reliving this journey helps us appreciate our own freedom anew, and invites us to empathize with all of those who live in fear and are seeking their own promised land.

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Sermon: "Being Saved, Again & Again & Again"
April 7, 2019
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

When we think of salvation we often think of wholeness. The word salvation comes from the Latin salvas, meaning to heal and make whole. In this sense, we all seek salvation, healing each other’s wounds and moving towards wholeness. The power of this salvation is not to lift us out of the world, out of life, but to plunge us more deeply into it.

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Sermon: "Life Calls Us On"
March 31, 2019
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi & Emma's Revolution

Each of us, and all of us have challenges to face, tests to endure, breakdowns and breakups to experience as part of our daily lives. The goal of a religious community like ours is to provide one another with support, endurance, and encouragement for that journey - to give one another the precious gift of compassion and companionship as we seek out together a deeper understanding, a wider purpose, and a sustaining love. The service will explore the deeper meanings of religious community on Celebration Sunday.

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Sermon: "Passage to India"
March 24, 2019
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

Cedar Lane members who traveled to India with Rev. Abhi in February will share reflections about this journey that made it a “trip of a lifetime.”

Sermon: "Life is a Labyrinth"
March 17, 2019
Rev. Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader, Washington Ethical Society (WES)

So often we imagine that life is like a straight line. But in reality our lives are much more like a spiral, including those lessons that repeat over and over again when we think we should get a break from them already! Using the image of a labyrinth as a starting place, Rev. Amanda will explore the constancy of change, and how we can find ourselves transformed...even when we feel like we are facing the same darn thing.

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