photo from the balcony of audience and stage during a Sunday worship service with Rev. Abhi speaking
Rev. Abhi with a bunch of youth following worship service
Rev. Archene Turner during worship sitting down and listening with slight smile
Format: 09/23/2019
Sermon: "Money & Real Life"
September 22, 2019
Rev. Dr. Roger Jones & Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

How we handle money can be a source of insight about our spiritual approach to life as we go through the stages of life. With stories about family life and overlooked inheritances, Roger Jones invites us to think about our personal relationships, our sense of self, our money, and those funny places where they overlap.

Roger Jones is senior minister of the UU Society of Sacramento, which he began serving as family minister in 2008. Earlier he served congregations in Sunnyvale, California, and in Minnesota and Indiana.

Sermon: "La Red Spirit Experience"
September 15, 2019

Titled, “La Red” meaning, “The Network,” this Spirit Experience aims to speak to the incredible diversity and resilient spirit evident in the Latino/a/x community. Prayer will be offered by our sanctuary guest, Sra. Rosa Gutierrez Lopez and passionate poetry and spiritual reflections will be offered in Spanish and English by Cedar Lane’s ministers and members.  Special dance team, “Estrellitas De Sorto,” meaning “Mr. Sorto’s Little Stars,” a nationally acclaimed dance team made up of 8-year olds from Washington DC, will perform a Salsa dance.

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Sermon: "Ingathering & Water Communion"
September 8, 2019
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, Rev. Archene Turner, DRE Tim Atkins & Intern Minister Dayna Edwards

Come celebrate the start of a new church year by merging the waters of the world in a time of reunion. Please bring the water you have collected over the summer from your travels or kitchen sink for this merging ritual. The service will also feature a blessing of the backpacks ritual for children and adults.

We will share our offertory plate 50/50 with Mercy Corps, to help provide emergency support for the people of the Bahamas following the devastation of hurricane Dorian.

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Sermon: "Question Box Sermon"
September 1, 2019
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi & DC Labor Chorus

At our annual “Questions of Faith, Faithful Questions” service, Rev. Abhi responds to your questions about Unitarian Universalism, spirituality, theology, and current events posed during the service. Abhi will respond to as many questions as time permits.

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Sermon: "In Praise of Heretics"
August 25, 2019
Rev. Norman Allen

This Sunday we delve into the mysteries of the Gnostic Gospels, lifting up their spiritual treasures and exploring the eerily familiar political process that dismissed the gnostic movement in an authoritarian attempt to “strengthen the base.” In celebration of our rich tradition of dissension and free thought, both service and sermon will be joyfully "In Praise of Heretics."

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