Couple in Sunday worship service

Visit on Sundays

Whoever you are, wherever you are from, whomever you love, wherever you are on life’s journey, and whatever your gender identity, beliefs, or immigration status, you are welcome at Cedar Lane. We are people of many ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. Together, we create a community where love works.

What to wear

As you prepare for the visit, wear what you please. At most of our congregations, you'll see people in skirts and neckties but also in shorts and jeans, and even biking gear.

When you arrive

Visitor parking is on your left as you enter the drive. The covered walkway takes you to the main entrance. Just inside is the Welcome Center and the Sanctuary. When you enter, most likely you'll be greeted by a volunteer offering you a program -- we call it the order of celebration. If possible, we recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to have time to chat with one of our greeters, but if you're running late, it’s okay to slip by and find a seat -- any place that feels comfortable. Your kids are welcome to stay in service or, if they prefer to sample an age-appropriate group, a greeter at the Welcome Center can help you get connected to a classroom that will meet your child’s needs. Families often choose Cedar Lane because we offer a supportive environment for parents, children, and youth. Mixed faith couples are particularly drawn to us because we provide children an orientation to all faith traditions. During the church year (similar to the school year) we offer age-specific Religious Education in our downstairs classes. In the summer months of June, July, and August we provide care for children age 5 and under during the Sunday service. Find out more.

What you can expect from service

Universalism's roots are in the radical branches of the Protestant Reformation. Reflecting this heritage, our services are similar in form to Protestant worship and are about an hour in length. They include lively music, hymns, readings, silence for meditation and a reflection. Our ministers’ thought-provoking sermons are about 15 minutes long. You can listen to a couple of them here and here.


We UUs love singing! The order of celebration -- and the speaker -- will tell you when we sing. Standing is optional, as is rhythmic clapping if you are so moved. Sometimes we do a short reading together; it’s printed out or the words are on the screen. You can learn more about our music program here.

Coffee Hour

Following the service, there is a casual gathering where members and visitors can get to know one another in our Lounge. This is an excellent time for newcomers to make connections and find out more about Cedar Lane and Unitarian Universalism in an informal atmosphere.


We welcome people of all abilities and needs. If you’re arriving by automobile to drop someone off, pull up to the curb and the sidewalk ramp just before the covered walkway. On Sundays there’ll be someone there to greet you. Parking for those with handicapped plates is on the right as you come down the drive, and on the left across from the drop off area. Cedar Lane has an acoustical system for those with hearing loss; headphones are available as you enter the Sanctuary.

How is this church different from others?

We UUs are about deeds, not creeds. When we say that we are a community where “love works” we mean that our actions are our prayer. We are also a group of theologically diverse people. Some of us do not believe in a higher power, others do. Some of us connect to the eternal through nature or personal relationships, others through scripture. We come together to explore questions about the eternal together, in a supportive covenantal space and then we take our work out beyond our doors to build a just world.

Why are you called a church?

Even some of us ask why. Particularly those of Jewish or Hindu traditions. Yet we are a liberal religious community of many faiths that come together in worship and service. Unitarian Universalists are proud to identify with a long line of courageous spiritual leaders whose beliefs challenged prevailing religious order.

Will someone try to “sell me” on your church? 

While we are passionate about our faith and hope you’ll want to learn more about it, don’t worry. Most of our members have found Unitarian Universalism after having turned away from religion for years. We’ll happily answer your questions, but you set the pace of it, how much and when you want to know more.

If my child doesn’t separate well, can my child stay with me during the service?

Sure. Kids are welcome. Since some little ones aren’t happy being still for long, we also stream the service to the adjacent Library, where you’ll find comfortable seating and toys.

How do I meet other people?

You can start by picking up a nametag, available at the Welcome Center, and joining us for coffee after the service. Conversation is a good place to start. Talk to one of the greeters or someone you’ve just met about your interests. It’s likely others here share them. If you’re passionate about social justice, so are most of us. Drop in to an environmental film screening, or meet some of us involved with refugees, Black Lives Matter, affordable healthcare or whatever calls you.

How do I get involved?

Cedar Lane has an abundance of small groups that will welcome you. They range from spiritual covenant groups, to study groups, to activists that show up in support of a host of social justice issues. Or, you can volunteer -- for a one-time event or for something with a longer time commitment. Everyone has talent, whether it’s singing or playing or organizing or cooking or whatever. CedarLinked is our fledging “talent bank” where many volunteer opportunities are listed and people can choose the right one for themselves.


Cedar Lane 101

1st Sundays at 10:15 am in the Library (October 2018 - June 2019). An intro class for those who would like to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and the Cedar Lane spiritual community. We’ll briefly talk about the historical roots of Unitarian Universalism, and give an overview of pathways to membership. All are welcome! Light refreshments provided.

Contact Info

Sara Davidson, Director of Communications & Membership Engagement
Soul Matters Sharing Circles
New Member Retreat

This event is for those that are ready or considering making a serious commitment to the Cedar Lane community through official membership.  We'll discuss pathways to membership, the benefits and responsibilities of membership, and give an overview of how to get involved and connected.  Childcare available!  Please RSVP to Sara Davidson at if you would like to attend and please note whether or not you would like childcare! 

Contact Info

Sara Davidson, Director of Communications & Membership Engagement
New Member Recognition

This short celebration invites those of you who have recently signed the membership book or are ready to sign the book, to come before the congregation during worship and share a responsive reading with the congregation as we officially invite you into the community. If you are interested, please email Sara Davidson, Director of Communications & Membership Engagement, at 

Contact Info

Sara Davidson
New Member Brunch

Join us as we wind down the 2018-19 church year by celebrating those that have joined us over the course of the last year.  We'll meet after the 12 pm worship service for brunch at Cedar Lane member and Membership Engagement Ministry Team member Maryann Dillon's house, close to the church.